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Awwwww Ariel don't be sad ;^; He likes you too!
Ahh, I just re-read your whole comic, because I love it so much... TTwTT Victor is such an adorable guy, he deserves some loving!! Thank you so much for all the hard work on this comic!
Awwwww Sergiooo.... >^< He said snuggling, he didn't mention anything about wrapping his blankets all around you and rolling all over his floor in it while fanboying. It's okay.

I really hope little Sergio is gonna get a little more attention from them though! Other than being the (very cute) fanboy who wants to marry Everywhere Kid. (And that we'll get even more occasion to see his adorable blushy face! v.v)
January 17th, 2011
That Janitor has suuuuch a hard crush on Josh ;v; I feel a little sad for him. GO JANITOR! One day, your love shall be returned!
Well, I still can't help but love Sergio the most (for he is the one absolute cutest thing ever created) so I will have to mention the fact that I LOVE his hair in this page.

But Simon's FACE. Especially in the last panel, he is PERFECT!! Hahaha and Nilus's helplessness to understand how in the WORLD someone could not know how to swim is beyond adorable.

I really love, love how you work on this comic, it's REALLY good, both really beautiful annnd really exciting, really motivating to keep on reading!! Congratulations for such an awesome work!
Awwwww, Emery, I love you SO bad. SO bad! He doesn't have the pretty role, he has to be the one to make them realize how silly-rrific they're being and yet he does it to protect his little baby brother. .////.
(No, no of course I'm not totally biased by the fact I absolutely adore him. He's just.... too awesome. He is awesomeness.)
Ummm, I'm probably going to be the only one to ask for fluff, but... some cuddly OOC Tarian/Isen?? Oh, and I liked that idea of chara design sketches, too! Whatever you'd like to draw! XD It must feel good to be able to draw whatever you feel like drawing inbetween pages, right??

And I'm definitely in love with the way you draw landscapes, and... their human forms. v///////////////v
Awwww, once again, I went away on a trip, and I totally missed this comic!

Those two are two damn great and adorable. XD Bickering like an old couple.
Also, I ADORE the transport circles... both inactive AND in action. You made them look absolutely awesome!
This is pure awesomeness. Not only is you style AWESOME, but your character are also the deadliest cutest things ever.


(.....also, I agree on the Justice/Camilo comments. I wanna see that happen too. ;v;)
YES YES He has to get involved. v.v In the name of love.

And yes for Yu Yu Hakusho, I used to watch it too! =w= I grew up with their French dubs though so it probably wasn't nearly as great as the original version but it was suuuuch a great shonen still!
(....but when you squint your eyes, there ARE some shonen ai bits.)
They are SO in love. I mean, when a demon wants to gut you like a fish, it HAS to mean SOMETHING. >v>

For some reason this feels like they're going to be an absolutely awesome team. *grins*

(Also, it feels so great to come back from a trip to pages, pages, pages and more great pages to read ;w; I haven't lost a single bit of my love for this comic!)
What he says / the look in his eyes. He so wants him. >v> He so wishes *his* rank was a bit higher to... you know.

This boy is sooo handsome though. =///= He has big, cool horns... as opposed to Isen's cute little ones! *pokes*
Daaaaaaake, you're such an adorable little thing- ;v; Give yourself to him now. You know- you KNOW you can't resist.
...sort of.

T-This one took a pretty long while... because I'm not used at all to drawing backgrounds, and more than just one character per scene, doing something other than just standing there and holding a stick, in the middle of the page. =w='
I'll try to add more to my pages from now on, make them look a bit more like this, at least concerning the amount of details!

(...also, yeah, I've realized all my villagers were women, except for that kiddie... Let's say the men are all locked in right now. ...together. *wink* )
I was trying to imagine why Isen could be the one saying this, in the last panel, and why Lucifer would reply THAT... And... It would make things really naughty. I mean... naughtier. Ah, Lucifer... v///v

...But I still keep liking him more and more, the more I see from him.
(But I still wouldn't like to be in Isen's situation. Having people walk in and start talking casually while you're.. yeah, it's probably a really... awkward feeling. =w=" )
...this makes me so happy I could cry. ;v; F-First of all an update on THIS very comic... Second, gorgeous little Alex being gorgeous. Third... his haircut. His haircut makes me crazily happy. ;v; You are the light of my day!

EDIT: THE BANNER. *cries* Adorablest thing.
I'm really incredibly in love with the way you portray Lucifer! He has a truly great, fascinating personality and way of reacting- not to mention his design! *melts*

Also, I didn't mention it on the previous page but... The death of that angel was truly shocking. I'm aware of the fact demons and angels are not a terribly new topic and yet the way you put this... it felt really new and shocking to me, like a really strong concept... Butchered angels feel so "wrong", like a mistake in a concept or a failure in innocence... =w= yet it's so fascinating.
Such a sweet face.... =w= Why is it that you have to diiiie? that you can get that hot little scar. Mhhh, that sounds like a good reason.
I-I was so happy to see updates... Really, it so made my day...
And then. Benji left. And he left both his plushie bear and his plushie human. T-This seriously made me so sad...

(....but since you promised they'd go all the way in Chap 3... >v> )
I sooo love those red lights ,it all makes your style so unique!! >^<

...It must be SO fun to be Lucifer and be allowed to "test" all the demons you want to test! You don't even need to justify yourself! "Hello guys, everyone gets in a line, TEST DAY. *molests*"