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Psycho Syl
I'm Sylvia, or Syl, I'm 18 now, a singer lyricist, and hopefully soon songwriter. I love to draw, but I tend to hate almost everything I draw. I have maybe three drawings I'm very proud of.

Music is truly my passion in life, I go to a summer camp every year called Power Chord Academy, and even though my recordings of my voice usually suck, and most people think I'm a nutcase, I keep going back because it gives me the chance to sing in a band.

I have a million ideas for stories and comics, and nowhere near enough artistic talent to execute them all, but I keep trying.

I also love spriting, something about it just makes me happy. Possibly because I started out spriting by doing the pixel dolls.

Anyway, that's enough rambling! If you want to know something about me that I haven't already shared, message me, I love to talk to people! Forums just intimidate me.
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Psycho Syl
August 7th, 2014
I absolutely love how you got so much expression on what's maybe a third of Kei's face! You're just amazing, and I'm in love with these two especially.
I would totally buy it! Or two, one for a present for my best friend who reads these comics too! *is excited*
Because I was a lazy bum, and only made 2 comic pages earlier in the month, I've decided to try to bust out the 29 comics I need to succeed at this, in 5 hours or less(Yeah, right), but to do this, I went for a simpler comic, and comic layout.

You can read Character Seconds here
And I finished page two. Parton is shaded like that for two reasons: One, he has a disease that's killing him slowly, and so his cheeks are kinda sunken, and he has dark, dark circles under his eyes. Two, he gets beaten up a lot, despite being so nice, so he's covered in bruises. Can you tell I love Parton and Atos?

I finished drawing this last night, and would have added the text and put it up sooner but this morning was busy... Curse having to study for my GED. Oh well. It's finished, and I'm okay with it, and the second page is partially done. ^_^

These two are Bandit Lee Way(age 16), and Bronx Mowglie Wentz(age 17), and the whole idea behind making those two babies as teenagers, and liking each other? Boredom between a friend and I. Haha. I love this drawing though, so it all works out
Thanks! I don't make sprite comics much anymore, can you tell?
I was bored, and my brother Xander was playing KH and we noticed that Sora was acting like he had some pure heart, like the princesses of heart, so that started off Sora in a dress, and Riku taking over as the main character was us joking about how if Sora had been hit in the head with a boulder he would have died, unlike Goofy who was just knocked out. So yeah, this was fun.
quite obviously, I'm for this! ^_^ √

Mad King will be defined later. But basically, it'll be the leader type person. ^_^
Okies. √ ^_^
0_0 I get on to show my little brother something, and I gt the best surprise ever. I'm glad you're back! I hope you had a great vacation. ^_^ I'm very excited to see more. ^_^
Your art is great! And I can't wait to see where the story goes! ^_^

I'm 14 by the way. ^_^
0_0 They look adorable as Latios and Latias!!! *is also obsessed with Pokemon*
I present to you... Kylii!!! ^_^ She's Airos's cousin, and my other character from a comic Em and I do together, Viper's little sister!!! ^_^ Her face is to much like an adults... But I love how she turned out otherwise! ^_^ Her hair is less girlie then Viper's... Poor guy... Anyway! I hope you like her!!!
Oooh! Now I really wanna finish making Kylii!!! >w<
thanks!!!!!! ^_^
Airos!! YAY! I've been wanting to put him up for ages!!!! His hair is bright lime green, and so are his eyes, and he's somewhat tan, but still pale(Just not as much as Helena)

"What is an MH?"
A MH, or Man Ho, is a male who dates everyone they can that is of the gender they so prefer. On most occations, they don't just date, but have multiple girlfriends at the same time, that do not know of each other. The typically have large egos, and think they are the hottest guys out there.

Thank you for reading my explanation of the word MH.
Aww, he's/she's so cute!
Sorry for taking so long... >_< I drew this weeks ago, and my mom only scanned it today! >_<

Anyway, they're off to the Cafe! And yeah, I drew stick figures! ^_^ It was easier then figuring out how to draw them walking. >_< But I like mt BG in the second panel. ^_^ I did the text, and word balloons in GIMP! ^_^
Oh! I see a angry face! ^_^ :P That's awesome! It's like me when I'm in denial about liking someone. >_<

Heh, looks awesome! ^_^ I can't wait(yes, I actually can, it's just not as fun waiting) for more! ^_^