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I am the Creator of AOZTG and TEW.
I also am the chaomaster.

AOZTG 1st executive producer
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Zack's Mini Lab, with screen sprites included!
^^; Its so poorly drawn I swear, at least tis 100% custom.

This is no where near to the capability or the size of Zack's REAL lab, but for simplicity's sake, Zack built this lab in an unknown location in this world to repair himself, others, or check up on the status of other things whenever needed.

That right there is a scanner/repair machine, it can scan this entire dimension, things that are placed in it, and repair bio-mechanical/mechanical beings. It has no other purpose though.




Edit: Also it can hack/change code of things too. ;3
...actually the lab is accessable though a secret portal in my room....
... so it isn't THAT far away. ^^; Here we reveal Zack's ego with technology, and his masterfulness with technology itself.

I mean he ISN'T from this dimension anyways. He needs the technology to go to a different dimension in the Multiverse.

Lab being posted very soon.

Also, I will try to post here whenever I can.

(I hate drawing isometric shapes OTL)
|D Looks like Cyan Man may get his wish after all!
Now, if only everyone else will post...

I wish I could help, but I only have Aesthetic (appearance) Permissions.

Hopefully Zero comes back and either posts and fixes permissions or surrenders the comic to a new owner.
That's rich! HAHAHHA! I'll start working on my reply comic right away. This is fun. XD(I was gonna post my back up comic encase you never posted today)
I was gonna put "TIME PARADOX" at the last panel, but i decided against it. lolz Thank you for all the nice comments though, I'm seriously considering posting here again since I read the entire comic again last night. ;u; Ahh good times.
I couldn't resist |D
Another cyan Megaman walking around, how could I NOT post for this? |D

Oh, and I might start posting here again.

Posting again.
I am posting again since I took a break Saturday and Sunday.

Updates are now back to normal.
@Sagat the Tiger
Well, aside from Link running for his life, running into a Spy Drone, then falling face first into the concrete...

I've gone with the version of link that can't talk. So he communicates in screams, hollers, and other vocalizations.
Why is link always getting hurt?
I swear the Hero of Time doesn't even DESERVE that! LMAO

Page 24 coming tomorrow. :)
The actions continues! Now with lulz!
Anyways, it appears that are hero's are now fighting more robots. Will they be as ridiculously tough as the Metal Knuckles Decoy? More pages coming soon!
I had to update the comic first. Priorities.

I'm only letting you in because I don't know much about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

EDIT:And yes it IS under the assumption you know about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
Yes, those are Dr.Ivo Robotnik's Spy Bots
...and yes it is only 3 panels, 3 good panels if I do say so myself for being as sick as I am right now. T_T

New update tomorrow as always. I am going to update early on Sunday probably.
Well here he is, winning by a vote, LINK!

Expect more awesomeness soon! Also I might consider double updating on weekends. ;)
Almost page 20
This is by far the longest comic I have made so far, pathetic I know.


(Voting officially ends 10:00 PM on February 21, 2011)
Oh hey guys!
Just another update, sorry its a bit late I've been sick all weekend.

Anyways there is an important poll dealing with this comic:
Question- Which character do you think should appear in END next?

Go to to vote on which lucky character comes in next! Every vote counts so please vote!
I plan that to be very soon. I dunno why I am starting out with all sonic characters. ^^;
I dislike Advanced Style, its too small and harder to find more sprites for.

Besides, I already got the sprites for satAM Sonic.
Lol jaw drop
Here we can see Tails met Tails from SATAM.

Trust me, stuffs about to get a whole lot more interesting from this point on!
Robotnik is up to something....
...and its not good.

BTW there is a reason I excluded speech bubbles, its because there is only 2 characters in the scene and only one shows up on the screen, really big, at a time. Plus the bubbles would only obstruct the comic.
Hey look I'm back!
Hey guys, sorry for the disappearance, life just occupied my time for a while.

So I am back to doing updates at least once a week. Once a day if I can manage it.