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I live in Finland, and I usually read novels and comics, or draw comics and illustrations, or write novels while I drink instant coffee. Studies and sleep is optional.
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There's no good way to begin writing this, so here goes: the short story is that the both of us have outgrown Nerdalert, and that is basically why we stopped posting comics. But as you can see above, I (and my co-writer too) am still a nerd, and even though times are rough for creators we haven't stopped creating.

If you want to check up on us, see what we're up to nowadays, social media is good for that sort of thing:

My co-writer on twitter and instagram
Me on on twitter and instagram and tumblr
This is it for this comic, I hope you liked it! I'd love to hear comments; I will leave this comic up for the forseeable future. Haha, it took me almost a year even though I thought I could do it in six months...

It feels great to be done with this project, it's been in the works for longer than I care to admit.
and this, my friends, is the end. Except for the little extra picture I'll put up soon. Tomorrow, hopefully.
ye ole vanishing trick
cue gasping!!!!!!
Hey y'all, sorry for the long break! I will now update with one page per day until the end, which should be in four days! Ta~
dun dUN DUN!!!
hahah hey so it's still August at least

I'll try to update every Sunday until the end, which is like five pages away~
Aron in the last panel was the funniest thing I've drawn in ages.

I'll be back in August, I hope you all have a great summer :)
hoo boy, this is awkward.

Sorry for the insanely long delay, I have no excuse at all except procrastination of the worst kind.

I will update next Sunday as well, and then I will take all of July off so this unannounced hiatus shit won't happen again. After that I'll hopefully post one page a week until the conclusion of this comic.

I missed drawing Aron's pointy face.
This would have been up way earlier if I hadn't been distracted by Mother's Day and forgotten all about updating! :)
@smacfarland: thank you! Yeah, it's no wonder there's a lucrative smuggling business in the works :P
This is by far my favourite color scheme ^^
No dialogue, my favourite.
Would you look at all that action going down!

Good news is, I worked up a little buffer on this comic so I'll be able to update on time next week again. Bad news is, I did this instead of studying, so I'm behind on that.

ps: tweaked the last page a little, it's up now, as well.
Whoah, sorry, life kind of got away from me a while there, and on top of that the lineart on this page was a right pain, let me tell you. At least it turned out decent, in the end.

Could it be that our man Jack is slightly less or more than human?
With half an hour to spare, no thanks to the daylight savings time thing happening today.
Uh oh
Our hero is in trouble!

One day I will go back and fix Jack's hair. But I'll try not to do that until this comic is finished.
Here's the new page, with added beard! (if you check back you'll see that I added some on the previous page as well)