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Current Residence: Somewhere spiffy!
Interests: Electronics & PC repair, comics, and ntiques
Favourite band or musician: Bob Dylan, Byrds, Brewer & Shipley, and other 60s Folk-Rock
Favourite artist: Ron Cobb (look him up!)
Favourite poet or writer: Robert Frost, bitches.
Personal Quote: That pic I owed you? became so burst into flames.
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LOL!!! That's frikkin' hilarious, hahaha
Yoinks sorry to hear that dude, hope it don't leave ya too depressed to start the comic back up, but there's no hurry y'know.
Oh you've got your comics on smackjeeves too eh?
Hmm, I'm considering putting mine back on here.
See, I switched over to this one ""
which is faster
and unregistered readers don't hafta deal with ads,
but, it's also a lot more unknown than SJ...
Bah I dunno, hope you can get this comic finished pretty soon, lol
Well I'm lucky you commented on my comic or I'd
never have gotten to see yours!What a funny
thing I would've missed!This was great.
August 26th, 2008
Ey man I never saw this comic before but it
became an instant favorite when I went from
the latest one and back one to this one.
So crazy it's awesome.
What are they?
I've read all of these but I've yet to be
sure what Rupert and Clint are...
I'm guessing Rupe's a cat...
Clint's ears lead me to believe he's a very
skinny bear.My lack of brains helps immensely.
Lol, these comics rule.
Smell the banana, WHACK!Haha who would've
expected that?!XD
Funny stuff so far, gotta check out the rest.