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Sup AFK.
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>-> Comic is dead. Yay?
Lubzurg isn't dead. TT-TT
I hate when people say the game should change their formula. Whenever they say things like that, I usually respond by saying "You mean like Sonic? Look how great that turned out". T-T
Banner Idea
I put Lugbzurg and me in there, cause I just did. Anyways, its all up to you guys on what you think of the banner.

VOTES (Excluding me)

YES - 1

NO -

I feel like I should do something to this comic to make it better, mostly on my part I am the only remaining author of the original five. T-T

New banner anybody? Or update sprite page? Or hell organize comics!? I'll update sooner or later. Once I have some free time from work.

Also on a side note, I am very fond of the Left 4 Dead series. Bill is so cool!

And Martin, can you give me more permissions?
>-> I guess I should update.

EDIT: I tried to make a comic, I got bored and watched cartoons.
Is this comic still alive?
Trolls can be quite funny.
I hat everything. Also Bruce, most people hat him because of the Lugbzurg war. Lucky guy got a war named after him. I want a war named after me. :c
Well Lugbzurg, looks as if most spriters hate you. That kinda sucks, I think Martin was right; you should apologize to everyone. It would set things right.
Sorry bro, I am too lazy to do anything.

Have fun being awkward! :d

Also... Yes I am surprised that there is only like 50 comments as the highest, I mean holy crap there was a lot of flame wars.

Lugbzurg I got advice for you, Just admit that your wrong, even if your not; it help make everyone shut the fuck up about shit.
Hahahahahaha. This comic was dead?
Fuck. I am not dead, hahahahahaha. Or something like that.
CSI: Miami olololololol

ALL POWAS. I need to do a cleaning. :3 I know HTML Coding now and also better sprite making ability Also Comic making. :D
Now powas!!!!!1! And Ill update tommarow
Also Intive pweeez. :D i am now more skilled then evar.
No I could'nt accept and ask auhtors if they want to join becuase my friend really wanted to join but nope, I had no permission and you were gone.
Damn you Noah! Damn you!!!!! Oh yeah I would Re-join but because I know Your most likey gone now, I have a few complaints. One; I had no fucking permissions. Nuff said; its pretty frustrating.
The magic boxes of death are back ;____;