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Just another fan making comics about various stuffs. I've recently been trying (and failing) to get back into making comics. With any luck that should work out and i can continue my stuff. I usually come up with good story ideas but never update enough. Well, i'm going to do my best to reform as of now.

Anyway, im a big fan of Kirby, No more heroes, Timesplitters and some other stuff. I'm an aspiring writer and im also an artist to an extent.
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    Sam stephenson
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See? Told you i'd update. AND I have another comic in the works, it'll be out by next week at the latest.
Yes! I have updated! I will try and update again before the week is out, but i have exams coming up soooo yah. Sorry ^^;
@darkmagic853: Glad to be back man, glad to be back
@locoroco1 Not yet anyway

@Martin Prower Yep, its legitimate
s'okay Meta, we all know the pain of homework. We can wait
Um...i have nothing to say here, the filler speaks for itself
Nope, not a monkies
Also, i finnaly caught up on this comic. So sad i missed all those parties...
Loling at strong bad reference
You've got to wonder why GFK is obsessed with the flattening of the meta
Increase updates you say?
Welp, better dust off Draken and Paint.
Ah but we have yet to see what this one guy can do
Ikr? Thats what you call a plot twist.
Blerg, been gone to long. SC, im considering closing this. Its not doing good and i've kinda lost hope in it. If you want, you could take over entirely. PM me about this, k?
wow really? im good at this .3.
this is gonna be good
i say good sirs. Are you perhaps trying to turn this chap Draken into a more gentlemanly chap? Your delicous spongey pastry has been revealed to be fictitious eh wot?
last part done. And as for why it took so long, my comp crashed so i had to shift my files to my lappy. Sorry >>
>challenge him to childrens card game!
epicness *gets hit in eye* OW MY EYE DX