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*bitch slap* X'D
Sorry I haven't commented before, now I have time to read this calmly xp

I love Charmander's hopeless expression in first panel, the poor thing needs a hug ;w;
August 10th, 2010
OMG! That's cool! *-*
I would s**t on myself if I was him o__o

Insanity FTW!
November 25th, 2009
First panel FTW!!! XDDDDD
I love Rabastan the Turtle design! <3 I really hope you can draw more about him.
The format and the art are coming wonderful! <3 I love the first version but I just adore this one >3<
Insomnia WFT 83

Poor thing, he looks so cute and unprotected in second last panel and I love how you draw Schorch in last panel. Oh! And "It must Pie" was cool X3
Wow! I love all the page, spacially from fifth panel to the last one. I think it's my favorite so far 83
I love those last two panels XDDD
How weird, I never had the problem to guess Scorch's gender ._.
February 27th, 2009
I love her evil grin in last page ^w^
February 23rd, 2009
Where the hell does she live? O.o
January 24th, 2009
Question! How could you name Jouet's clothing style?
August 29th, 2008
I love how Scorch looks in every panel she appears, especially in "The Scream" panel XP
What the... ? o.o