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Hmm...might fill this in later...or will I? *menacing music*
Hee hee hee, I love how he brightly greets the man pointing a gun at his face XD
And doing that poll was hard! What a decision to make, I like too many of the characters!! Well actually I think I like all of them ^^
Awww, I love Kai even more now <3 I noticed on the characters page that he listens to "God is an Astronoaut", I love them XD I'm going to see them live soon c:
Ooow, Monday's looking a little worse for wear...
You know what I find great for helping that?
Oh man. This is what I've been waiting for.
I knew there was another reason I read this comic, and here she is... rawr <3
Oh he's so cute ^^ I love his face in the bottom left panel especially!

(I don't mean to be annoying but it should be "cheque" instead of "check"...)
Hee hee hee, this comic always make me laugh ^_^ Keith's so cute!
And I loved the old banner but I really like this new one too c:
Oh god.
The sexiness of that picture.
*nosebleeds top within an inch of death*

*presses "print"*
Hiruma is pretty ^_^
I love the characters so far ^_^ Very nice illustration too!
This comic never gets old n_n Every page has something new and bizarre c:
December 27th, 2008
Cool so far!
Hahaha, gosh I love this comic. I've always thought this song was a bit...iffy.
That thought bubble is made of cool!! It's like you looked inside my head :D Oh especially the librarian bit <3
Mr Bratwurst x That Old Librarian
I think it has potential as a sexy spin-off u_u
Yay I love integrity too! =_=
Ho ho ho
The Christmas hats made me laugh cx Nice work.
I hope that nurse is ok...she lost two teeth...maybe some vital brain tissue...
Super mega congratulations on the comic spotlight thingy! ^_^
Hahaha, that second panel is great cx
What an ultimately cooool opening. That song is so nice! It's really really suitable too, man, I congratulate your patience in making such a cool intro cx
cx Too many funny things on this page! Hee hee hee, it's a masterpiece of web-comic-ry. The first panel is great, not to mention the *ahem* other delightful panels. And that poster. I'm so happy to see it hasn't changed...