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Tofu Queen
I'm Victoria, yo. Not much.

I tend to fall in love with the most randomest characters.. lol.
My current list of favorite pairs arrrrre:

-Near.Mello.Matt (Deathnote) [Yaoi]
-Shino.Hinata (Naruto)
-Lee.Gaara (Naruto) [Yaoi]
-Lee.Sakura (Naruto)
-Mori.Hunny (Ouran Host) [Yaoi]
-Tamaki.Kyouya (Ouran Host) [Yaoi]
-Kai.Yamagata (Akira) [Yaoi]
-Kaneda.Kei (Akira)
-Michael.Billy (Billy Elliot) [Yaoi]
-Kyuhyun.Sungmin (Super Junior) [Yaoi]
-Kenji.Kazuhito (Versus) [Yaoi]
-Edgar.Alan (Lost Boys) [Yaoi]
-Woody.Bee (Bio Zombie) [Yaoi]
-Sushi Chef.Rolls (Bio Zombie)
-Alien.Match (Gen-X Cops) [Yaoi]
-Alien.Match (Gen-Y Cops) [Yaoi]

/OVER 8DD I like Yaoi.... lol
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8D You are sex.
I just started reading this today, and.. damn. Can't imagine waiting months for an update! *le gasp*

How long does your updates take? Not to be obnoxious!
I'm just a big fan now. 8D