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man your comics kill me because they always remind me of people I know in real life, sometimes in the worst kinds of ways. you're amazing.
Happy holidays and I hope your 2012 will be wonderful :)

I just got finished reading this novel called Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. It reminded me a lot of your comics, not really with the subject matter, but the fact that your stories, like the novel's, are very gentle and yet really emotionally powerful at the same time. :) Both you and this author are really good at creating really human characters with realistic happiness, heartbreak, etc.

I don't know if you've ever heard of it, a movie came out based on it, but regardless, I highly recommend it. It's one of the best books I've ever read. Just thought I'd let you know :)
thanks for your reply, your advice makes me feel a lot better :) it makes a lot of sense, guys being like cavemen...haha! but it's hard to remember that sometimes. really though, I'm already doing much better. but as for this comic, I'm still so emotionally involved!

I can relate to what Janey's saying... sometimes I wish I could be like that, but I always end up falling for somebody. I think everybody is like that, deep down, but they find a way to bury it. I'm jealous of that... but at the same time, being in love can make you really happy too :)
I love this comic so much!! It makes my heart hurt. I adore every single character, but I'm worried for Ruthie :( I recently dealt with a thick-headed boy of my own, and it didn't have a happy ending. I don't want Blake to hurt her :(
I never thanked you for when you looked at my gallery on dA a long long time ago. :) hopefully you remember. And thank you.

I'd been away for a month and I got to come back to so many pages! this comic is so good. Blake reminds me of a couple of guys I know. I find him so realistic that it's actually frustrating to watch, because when those guys are charming, it's great, but when they're bastards... they're REALLY bastards. ahahah. but you still love them anyway. :')
ahh, you don't know how happy that makes me to know you're interested in my art! :) I do have a deviantart, it's at Unfortunately it's not too reflective of my current style, I've gotten a bit lazy about scanning in drawings, but it'd so flattering if you took a look.
ahh, I'm really looking forward to your interpretation of Blake's Got a New Face! :O I'm sure it'll be really interesting.

and omg, I can't believe you'd pay attention to someone like me! that makes me really happy. I'm still hard at work, I want to get a bunch of pages done before I post anything. you'll be the first to know!! :D

I can't wait for the next update <3
just realized the main guy's name is Blake...duh! Blake's got a new face! xD

also, I wanted to know that you encouraged me to really get going on my Diplomat's Son comic <3 I got the pages thumbnailed out and a few drawn, if I ever get more of it done and put it on SJ I hope you'll look at it someday :)))

this is such a great update! it's got to be hard to have so many characters in a scene but you pull it off very well. they're all so expressive. :)
VW is so great, my dream is to see them live someday :) and yeah, haha, that video is awesome! I love that there's odd cameos in it like Jake Gyllenhaal :)

I'd really love to do something like that, a comic inspired by an album. I've thought of doing it myself... I've always wanted to do a story based around the lyrics of Diplomat's Son. When I finally paid attention the lyrics, I realized it's a really rich story. :)
haha, he does look like Ezra. :) this is such a good page! I love how your characters always have motion, no matter what they're doing. though I guess it'd be especially evident if they were jumping out of windows...
"she'd never seen the word 'bombs' blown up to 96 point Futura..."

yeah, I love Vampire Weekend. :) and yay! you've got a new comic!
Congratulations on finishing this wonderful comic :)

Truly one of the best comics I've ever read--I'm not just saying that lightly. It's hard to give this comic the compliments it deserves, because everything comes out sounding cliche. But I'll do my best.

This comic touched me--I cried a few times while reading it, haha. :) I was blown away by both the storytelling and the art. You are a huge huge huge inspiration to me, in a way that I don't know if I could ever convey, but you are one of the reasons why not only do I want to make comics someday, but why I believe that it is possible. FOM represents to me exactly what I want to make myself--comics that both show emotion and evoke emotion from the readers.

Thank you so very much for giving us Penelope's story. :)
see, that's why you're an inspiration to me :) and why I hope to be a cartoonist someday. I agree with you fully. I think another problem, that specifically comics suffer from, is that they just aren't accepted as a "real" art form. it's seen as childish, for kids, unserious...but that's not the case. comics are art, some are even masterpieces. you're making something really beautiful, which is exactly what I hope to do someday. :D
you keep saying how you're worried the message isn't getting across, but these last few pages...they're hitting me hard. I know what it's like, to want to distance yourself and not get so attached, but sometimes you just can't, and you end up going back again and again.

another thing I really love about this comic is how initially we as the readers rooted for Penelope, wanted her to get everything she wanted, and now we see her flaws and we still love her. hopefully she can make amends!

great great great pages.
ahh, not to be a stickler or anything, but I feel that I should point it this case, it's spelled "lose" and not "loose." :x

but these recent pages are really lovely <3
jeez, that looks as hard as looking for a Jack in a needle stack. *bad joke* :D
Ah, I spoke to nozmo on dA as well! I once left a comment on her page telling her how much she inspired me, and to my surprise she wrote back. Haha, starstruck is the perfect way to describe it! :D

But yes, I think it's good to draw from a variety of sources! And lesser known works are sometimes where a lot of the more unique stuff can be found :)
For non-famous people, my hero is Nozmo. She's the creator of Alternate, which is a comic here on SJ. We're about the same age, and yet she's already done so much... I really admire her.

Also, if I may be so! You have such talent, and such a unique style, both of which I can only hope to have myself someday :D

As for famous people, I like the mangaka Arina Tanemura. I think her works are beautiful, writing-wise and art-wise. I also like Aya Nakahara, creator of Love*Com. Her works are very expressive and funny and I want to bring happiness like that to people :)

Finally, I admire the works of the painter Modigliani. His style is very unique and haunting, and his paintings are very dear to me.
February 24th, 2010
oooh look at you, Thomas, being all commanding and whatnot <3
February 17th, 2010
ahh, what a CLIFFhanger :D *dumb joke*