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I'm 25 and straight. I hail from the oh so exciting (not) city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love your comics. <3
I'd rather a thankful kiss myself. Mmm, yummy fanservice.
This comic is brilliant as always. <3 Poor Henry. Where are you Richard? D:
Those two are so cute together. heh heh. <3
LOL! I think I love Derek. XD
It's not the fact that it's bxg that had me confused. The dialog seemed a little unnatural. Or maybe that's just me. Like the part where he says if you insist (when she hadn't, at least not yet). It almost seemed too formal.
Aww, I love the page! Will you post the doujin somewhere? *loves Reborn stuff* :D
LOL! What the heck? I want a Noodle Hug. xD
LOLZ! I love how Harrison is just like "Is that all?" :)
Surprise. :D

Either way I bet he's gonna do something very jerky.
JORDAN! D: Where'd your mango go? I'm sure it's more delicious than Amery. :P

Also, I really hope Jordan doesn't do something monumentally stupid. :(
LOL! "Embrace yourself" I had to do a double take. XD
The last two panels are brilliant. :D Amery is a creep, watching him eat his mango. I'd be suspicious.
T is hot. Rawr. :D
LOL @ the first panels. You had me fooled there for a sec. ;)
LOL! XD I love the last two panels. James is hilarious.
O.M.G. What the heck are you doing Louis? And Pierre didn't even recognise the photoshopped image. Bad artist. Louis must be some photoshop genius then... XD
LOL! I've totally done that before. Being drawn into random conversations on line for some inexplicable reason. XD
1. Heh, You've made me curious. It's simple as that. Plus your characters are super cute.
2. Hmm, honestly, I know you said it would be an unhappy ending, but I hope it isn't completely sad. I'd like to see Louis end up with someone, even if he has to come to the realization that he can't be with Pierre and moves on. This is mostly because I prefer endings that have at least some hope to the ending. Although I hope Louis also stops with the stalking and realizes how bad an idea that is. I also really hope he doesn't take that hobo's bad advice. XD
3. Ah, this is hard. I like them all. But, if I had to choose... I like Jose and Francois(?) the best. I know they are side characters, but I like them even more than Louis and Pierre. ^_^;
Wow, that's a tat. And here I thought it was just part of her top. XD