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Yeah i'm kind of back (college was killing me,still it is no excuse for the long time.) anyway I still have some exams which will need some weeks to finish, but i'm officially back to SJ and here are my 3 character two you know and a new mysterious girl. also sorry for the bad upload, i only had 30 min break so ugh.
Inxerene and angelxeve@ sorry if you didn't get it. Joshua always get touched by random men and every time that happen Joshua always go to Eric to comfort him but h wants a kiss not hug and he think there is no difference between them and no eric isnt joshua's pedo the pedos are random men who always try to touch him

kit@ :3

noXrealXhelp@ XD what seme wont be turned by uke on uke action
yeah i hope everybody can understand these pages and i didn't want to draw the last three panels on this page i just wanted to give oku something to look at since i made her wait two weeks for these crappy pages sorry anyway hope you guys like the pages
i'm so sorry for not posting anything i have no excuse

anyway i hope you guys like this crappy page
Name: Strawberry berry
Age: 18
Personality: super childish but he can act– like an adult but he never does he’s also sweet and he loves wearing pinkish cloth as you can see
yeah sakura played with a spell book and changed imari gender and age
I’m not going to tell you who is who but I think you can guess

Name: Imari
Age: 13
Gender: male
Likes: praying, his big brother and ice-cream
Dislike: people who date kasumi
Personality: sweet innocent and naive
Bio: he lived in the hospital all his life because he got an incurable disease but he wanted to stay with his big “sister” kasumi in MA so he asked his parents if he can stay with kasumi they agreed but he had to take Sakura with him.
-The doctor know what can cure him but will no tell him
-He’s in love with kasumi

Name: Sakura
Age: 8
Gender: female
Likes: hurting people, her brothers, saying the word F*CK and watching porn
Dislike: her father & mother, str8 porn and people who hurt/love her brothers
Personality: she is the kind of person who you pray you will never run into because she will hurt insult and do a lot of things that will make everyone think you are a pervert so she’s a cold hearted bitch that’s all but she can be nice if she was alone with her brothers.
-she has a twin brother (I will put him later)
-very protective with her brothers
yes Kasumi is having fun at the beach
am so sorry i suck at inking *sigh* anyway i hope you guys like him and i will try to color it

Name: Kasumi
Age: 16
Gender: male
Likes: playing the piano and praying
Dislike: mean people
Personality: Kasumi is a rather shy boy he doesn�t speak a lot unless somebody speaks to him he always tries to blend in so people don�t notice him but he always stand out somehow.

-He started playing piano since he was 5
-His mother gave him a sliver rosary that he always loses.
-He like watching sports doesn�t understand it but still like it
-He's very religious (for a cross dresser)
-You can always find him in the church praying

i dont think doku will say that to eric
I love her hair and personality
am so sorry for this crappy page
aww so cute

Eric is the same age as Joshua
aww it's not shity it's cute
i agree she really need some help

cute page btw
Yeah it does make sense *w* in a good way i mean
Thanks am glad you like him.
and OwO your doing a chibi of eric and doku i cant wait to see it