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Mystical Dreams
I love Yoai and reading :) (I know..I'm such a bad boy)
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@Lightreaver team: Hmmmm maybe something with the naaru....
I get it, you dont like hurting things....but jesus, there should be a limit....
Omg best theory ever! I was cackling
@Kotokot: Tumblr account Link?
Love this page!!! OMG SQEEEEEEE. Hopefully the bullcrap comments from the last few pages will not happen again.
Loving this comic! However, you can tell that English is not the authors first language. The way that some sentences are phrased is a bit strange. Perhaps an beta is in order? I love the art though, it's amazing!
@DaughterOfOwls: As soon as this is completed and ready for print or download, I will buy this, I love your art
I love this comic, the only thing is that sometimes its hard to actually read it.
I havnt commented yet, but god I love your style. Its so pretty and colorful!
mouth drops open
the fuck..
why did you move the comic off of smackjeeves?
I dont post often but I just want to say how much I fucking love your art and this comic. It is amazing how much you bring to life this universe and how beautiful you're art is. I think this Comic and Devoto are the two comics on this site that are the most beautiful with a rich world and story. I want to buy this when it is finished. PLEASE!
Go Hiro!
Mystical Dreams
September 21st, 2014
I Love the story so far, but the pages are uploaded in a format, or the website is arranged in such a way, that I have to zoom in to read the text at times.
Yeah I would be done too....

@Mechanicalpenguin: Because he's coming back :) and because you've been updating like crazy lately, which is awesome for me lol. love your comic
So happy :)

Edit: Yay comment virginity taken hehe
I'll be so glad when this disfunctional side story is done with.