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love Pokémon and other vidya games. I'm a big nerd who is pretty friendly and super passionate about the stuff I make.

profile picture by SilverLunarwing on Smackjeeves!

aro/ace, she/they
@Weaselcheez: yes, its just pip the ditto transformed into a corviknight!
oops forgot to actually schedule. its okay whatever
yeah, it doesnt make sense, cleo. spoilers: azril has no idea what she's doing really

cameo of thomas the riolu by firelord6127!
@RioBlitzle: bItCh LiStEn
pretty kitty,,,,
@comercole: uh, alright?
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: ahh! yes! id definitely love to reuse more cameos! thanks!
@comercole: yes!! it is hers
aaaa poor thing ;c
oh also heres a poll if u havent voted
October 14th, 2019
young levi and skyler are so cute damn
@jaketheflareon231: yupp, you cn just send me a link to a picture/description
such a happy monkey
what a cutieeeee
lots of cameos!!!!!

lucky and isaiah in panel 2 belong to writerraven on smackjeeves,
rune the eevee belongs to runelord,
pierre the purrloin belongs to rioblitzle on smackjeeves,
yellow the pikachu, nova the eevee and gizmo the scorbunny belong to pokemon160 on smackjeeves,
lu the mightyena and sammy the raichu belong to silverlunarwing on smackjeeves,
and zeb the glaceon belongs to zebes!
why are there so many bad pokemon for eevee in this dungeon??? yeesh
October 13th, 2019
bad kitty

and look at marie sneaking onto the scene
i think plenty of people care, hollis