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check out my patreon for early access to pages and more!
gonna try doin 2 page updates from here on out...
@Absol+Shinx: it's a sneasel and a half
opening up a patreon for this comic and for my art and general! feel free to support me and my work. perks include getting early access to pages before I post em to smackjeeves.
@Ryan: yeah, unfortunately I lost interest in it and the fandom as a whole. but I'm still hungry to create hahahaha. glad you're liking sots so far, I'm barely even gettin started lol!
@mrjacob77: that was the intention, yeah lol
finally done w/ this page lol...took me a while
really liking this comic so far. art style's unique and the world building's quite interesting. plus I'm a sucker for desert settings ahahahah

will definitely be keeping up with this one!
bless the maker and his water!
@Pow Pow: thanks dude!
expect this to drop next week
aaaand the prologue is done. from now on expect the comic to update once or twice a week.
@comercole: thanks, might continue with this watercolor style
@NikuComics: sneasel burritos sound pretty good though lol. would probably taste a bit cold
@NikuComics: Dorito lol
but yeah, she's basically a newborn she's going to be quite small, lol
@comercole: thanks dude!