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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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    Laura K.
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Feeling emo tonight; don’t mind me. 🙃
@Starshore: the drug test was for a job
We’ll see how this theory pans out in 3 months.
If he couldn’t have my pop-tart, then neither could I.
Pretty impressive none of my characters have murdered me yet, if I do say so myself.
Shout-out to one of James’ coworkers for volunteering to be The Experienced Parent and help us with our baby registry. ❤🥰
I didn’t expect it to.
@Morzone: ;A; Thank you so much. <3 <3 Crazy how things have changed haha
“Hello, my name is Laura, and I just remembered I have social anxiety after looking at your faces. Welcome to my talk.”

(My first professional talk in a very long time. I bumbled up a bit...but I did it!)
I enjoyed admiring my neighbor's Jenga work and look forward to hearing the office’s judgement.
She had enough energy for the both of us today.
May she inherit my sweet tooth.
The most common conversation in this household.
For some reason feeling her move on the inside is less weird to me than seeing it from the outside haha
I was caught between "this doesn’t seem right" and "but I don’t know enough about Minnesota to dispute it".
Oliver saw a frog jump once and is still scared of them to this day.
(screams nervously)
Some of the mess had to go somewhere...else.