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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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Never know until you try...or something like that.
@HalfAssedChaos: For real! We've only been talking about it more seriously lately now that we're more financially stable than we used to be. Been browsing around how much things costs and asking friends for how they handled stuff. :)
My husband, ladies and gentlemen.
And then for a brief time we were comrade in arms.

[Final Fantasy XIV]
Is...Is this a metaphor for what happens when you stay in your comfort zone too long?!
Getting too old for this shit.
@happybunnyntx: lol It was when I first had the feeling, but by the time James and I have discussed it more seriously it is both an exciting and terrifying thing to talk about. XD
@HalfAssedChaos: Your comment fills me with warm and fuzzies. <3 They're so fortunate to have a parent who loves them so much! <3
@Name: Naw, you're not the only one! One of my sisters has zero interest in kids, and I have a few friends who feel the same way. To each their own! Ain't no big deal to feel one way or the other. You do you. :)
Uhhhh......both? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Happy Valentine's Day, James! You heal good. ๐Ÿ˜˜

[Final Fantasy XIV]
No one is going to bed until we figure this out.
Too tired to connect the dots.
Easy to say when you donโ€™t have to draw it. These ain't no quick lines for suits and ties like Ace Attorney. :p
Been playing Final Fantasy XIV with James a lot lately and I really like my character. :D

(And of course we did the Valentine's Day event together.)
Narrator: "But it was not fine. The disappointment ran deep."
Every week. I know what's happening tomorrow.
He's already plotting my demise, I know it.
Pro Tip: Posting the wrong composition in the end is totally normal and I do it all the time.