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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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Oliver tried to break my tablet with alcohol. And then he even tried to drink it. DOUBLE RUDE.
Panel 3 is the final last words of a fool who should know better. u_u;
I have learned nothing in all my years on this earth about not getting attached to fictional characters.

How dare FFXIV’s main story quest w r e c k me like this.
Literally me a week ago: "You know, I feel like this project went really well!"
Finally got to Heavensward content and I have seriously reservations about having brought a dragoon with us on a peace mission.

Not that he isn’t endearing in his own ready-to-kill way.
Sorry random strangers. We must have seemed the worst tank and healer ever…just standing around in the middle of fights. Thanks, lag. 🙃
Happy Daylight Savings Time or whatever.
There's been quite a few of these little guys this season. I need to keep a better eye out!
My impression of what my husband's life is like playing as a healer.

(I am naturally unhelpful since I enjoy my role as an "aggro ALL THE THINGS" paladin.)
You are not your depression.
@Guest: I've never had that issue. Maybe a SmackJeeves issue? Probably an ad or something...I have ad blocker on constantly so idk
The doctor was startled and James would like it noted for the record that it was "a multitude of factors", which he will not hesitate to defend even if no one asks.
We finally got the car window fixed and one family member is the most excited about it.
Relying on me was a mistake.

*tucks and rolls into bed*
Just another day in this household.
Out of nowhere, Oliver tries something new.
James always gets to talk to the intriguing The Spider Guy.
My enthusiasm is high, but my progress is low.

I’m very thankful for how nice everyone in the FFXIV community is though. <3
Somehow they know all I care about is high-res photos of my dog.