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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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    Laura K.
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How to make a group of adults question their faith in elevators.
@pixlyJolt: YEP, got Pokemon Sword! XD
Took a week, but my legs are getting used to the trek to my new job downtown. 💪
Thank you strangers for reminding me of a thing I’m sensitive about. 😩 OTL
Just pregnancy things I guess. 🙃
Have you ever preordered something so long ago that you…forgot? 😳
Absolutely unnecessary devastation in my nacho-less heart.
It's a very busy week for me, so please forgive my missed updates and not being online much. 🙏💦
Bending is much more effort than it used to be. 😩
I am not explaining *that* to my uncle at his first convention.
Anything can be a cuddle signal if Oliver wants it to be.
My favorite part of the video was the dad in it trying to look like he wasn’t traumatized. 😂
This is adorable, but I feel like we must leave.
I’m mad with the power of success! 💥
Giving myself a gold star for today, tyvm.
Have a week to myself before starting a new job and I guess it’s good there’s at least one reasonable adult in the house.
The Minneapolis Skyway map is garbage and I said what I said.
Usually Oliver destroys his toys on day one. But sometimes he decides he likes them...until one day he doesn’t.

Poor moose plush; we knew thee well...
@pixlyJolt: Good, but also anxiety inducing because there's still a lot of prep to do. XD
I can’t escape…this time of year is always spooky! 👻