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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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I'm the kind of person he's talking about tbh. Shhh…

I'm trying out ko-fi as an alternative to Patreon. ☕ Buy me a cup of coffee and fuel more comics.
We were without power for a few hours yesterday after our "snow storm" and were very melodramatic about it.
@Umbreon protecter: I got you. ;) It says--

"Let's watch a movie," he said.
"It'll be fun," he said.
"HE LIED," I said.
This is why we always have to go shopping as a team.
Luckily I foresaw this outcome.
It's one of my goals for next to be less busy and have more fun, haha!
Can't a girl procrastinate in peace?
Don't forget to be kind to yourself as we near the end of the year!
When things break in the house, the solution is just to never use it again.
Seeing as I followed the dog's example and slept through half the day, I can't judge.
@BeretCat: YUP!!

Pretty enjoyable so far. I like how expressive the characters are.
@Umbreon protecter: It's the text that appears if you hover/hold your mouse over an image. Sometimes I put extra comments in there lol
It did, indeed, take a while.
Two out of three is pretty good though tbh.
Anyone else ready to be done? lol
Thanks for always listening, phone.

I guess.
I always have bizarre dreams, but this one was especially memorable.
Any excuse to dress up the dog is a good one.
@Oly-RRR: It is definitely fun in a terrible tiring way LOL very accurate.

Do it!!! NaNo is great for just kind of freeflowing ideas imo. Using it as a chance to test out new ideas is mostly what I do it for, and then at the end I decide it's worth a rewrite or just complete utter garbage. XD