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By day, a designer and web developer. At night, I illustrate and write. (So I'm a busy bee and learning enthusiast, basically.)
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A coworker asked him for a drink from the fridge.

It ended poorly.
I should've known better, especially at this time of year.
Do wrong by me, No Big Deal. Do wrong by someone I care about and WAIT JUST A F'ING MINUTE–
@Ddraigeneth: Yeaaaah... They also cut their vacation from 3 weeks to 1, which they now have to "earn" -- even tho he's been there 5 years and other people 10 or more. Also because the hourly employees get paid on a different week as the salary, they're going to "advance" their pay the first week of January but then they'll have to pay the company back that week??
So that would be a "no". He had a pretty bad day. :(
Ready for my small victory lap.
Not as noticeable as when I cut off half my hair I guess.
I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this that will absolutely not give me anxiety.
@The_Hankerchief: Your dream version of me sounds way more badass than reality me and I hope it have even a fraction of her power lol
Is he saying farming and lawyer games aren't the epitome of fun?!

The real question is: "WHY AM I STILL SURPRISED?"

On the bright side, I got a lot done around the house.
@Guest: Front-end developer at one of the top web/app development companies in Chicago. :D
I start a new job on Monday I'm very excited about! ;)

In the meantime, trying to wrap up projects and record all my client/project/process knowledge for someone else was a lot of work haha!
Just as my taste buds intended.
I know how to make a good first impression when I play farming games.
Not sure my husband knows how to sleep, now that I think of it.
He's stolen things from me before, but this is quite an escalation from socks.
Oliver really understands me.
@The_Hankerchief: MWAHAHAHAHHAHA


Now you're on to me! You can't know my secret! Prepare to be... ERAAAAASED!!!!
Stage 2 is following him around with a sketchbook.