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I like Sonic games, Pokemon games, and Phoenix Wright games. Manga, Anime, and Sprite comics are other things I like. That is all.(Also i like Tails more than sonic.)

Also OMG! I finally Read InSONICnia and i really like it.
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Yay~! We're continuing the plot~! Also make sure you hover over the comic for a little part that i was too lazy to put in :3
We're actually getting a plot! If its been done before then sorry! ><

Characters: Black and Blue Hedgehog is Midnight. Light blue hedgefox is Skye, Midnights girlfriend and the Red Black and Blue fox is Dusk
Ah Valentine's Day~
A Day of Chocolate, I love yous, and Comics saying happy valentines day :3 Gotta beat the rush!
Its true! We're Back! and we'll have a nice new updating schedule. Mondays and Fridays I'll update here ^^ (usually)
Why does every bad guy or antihero have a smoke bomb?
I'm Sorry!!!
I really am trying to get my flash drive back so I can continue this comic. Until I do I'm going to work on my new comic The Adventures of the Sonic World. If you know where to get some decent Eggman sprites (its eggman. Decent is a compliment.) then please tell me ^^" once again i'm sorry and please dont be mad at me
No plot for now.
I eventually will start a plot when the inspiration comes. For now tho, I'm just thinking up random things.
Looks like Sonic, Solar, and Midnight learned a valuable lesson today. Don't leave out your credit cards while girls are on the loose. Make sure they don't like shopping. Solar and Eclipse belong to my sister. Lunar too even tho he wasn't in this one.
He just didn't want anyone eating his Klondike Bar
if you cant tell who's talking:
Skye: Blue text
Eclipse: Red text
Midnight: Dark Blue text
Solar: Yellow text with a pinkish background.
Randomness!!! of the Sonic Variety! A headsmack with every comic! =D
The first comic of Randomness!!! of the Sonic Variety. yeah none of the backgrounds belong to me. Sonic characters belong to sonic team. I only made a few of the chars into recolor form. so...yeah...
I already did Blaze and I never played that game. I couldn't answer it for ya. People who made the game are messed up?
You guys can go ahead and delete my stuff from this comic if you want. Like I said I only made one comic for this besides the one I just posted.
Guys I cant make comics if there isn't anyone you guys want me to interview and if you have no questions
Its Finally Here!
My Sixth Comic is up! As for Shadow trying to kill me for supposedly calling him a recolor, I probably deserve it for not posting in so long... i hope you enjoy it... Dont forget to post who you want me to interview next! Also this is my longest comic yet to make up for the fact i haven't updated in forever
Here it is! Finally my intro! I'd do it on a different background related to the story but i dont know where i can get them... also i need to get the sprites of everyone and i need to post mine....
I'm going to ask all the characters from here on about what they think of recolors