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@Raichi: I'm the same ahahah
Great page!

I'm studying for my last final that I have tomorrow. Then I'll be gone with my friends for a few days till Monday.

I'll be totally free from then on~ And I still need to create another character so I'll start planning that out meanwhile :p
¡Es una noticia genial! Me alegro de que hayáis conseguido eso :)
¿Dónde se va a publicar? ¿Estará disponible via internet? No puedo esperar a leerlo
Oh my gosh I nearly missed this. This is epic! Love it <3
October 18th, 2012
Love the new clothes design *.*
Oh, new guy! Nice <3

Look at does expressions ahaha I can't help but to smile when looking at him. Can't wait to see how he interacts with the others.

'He just considers himself extraordinarily charming' rofl.
Oh... mystery character >:3

I have a question I forgot to ask (if it's answered I missed it, sorry ahah). Are we following some kind of author order to post pages or can anyone post?
October 2nd, 2012
I like 2 and 4. I think that the 4th one would be easier to come up with something that makes sense ahah
Ooookay... drooling over that middle backside shoot >///<
I really like his outfit a lot, though it looks like hard to draw ahahah (will have to check back on it constantly but I adore complex clothing so yay >:3)
September 6th, 2012
Does anyone have any ideas for some kind of plot? So that we can discuss the general idea without going at it blindly XD
Oh.... hurrr nice... >:3 I really like his expression

Oh, and I'm back, sorry I disappeared like that as I've been busy this days. But since I'm going back to school (yay... -_-) my schedule will be soon normal again so yep. Let's get this moving guys!
There is a random (funny?) fact I can tell you about his name though. It stands for the Basque word 'flames'.

Technically the word is spelled 'Sugar' which I planted it on him without any thinking at first. Then I got back and read it again and I was like 'Uh... wait...' and made a little change on it XD

Bizzhi comes from 'Bizi' which means 'Burning' or 'Alive'


Alright! The profile is finally finished
What kind of power, I wonder...
As Feruru pointed out, things must be pretty equal, I wonder if this new discovery will unbalance things
I don't think that the info is crappy at all!
He's design is very interesting too, so many details and the feathered ears are a nice touch :)
Oh! A bird boy! I love bird boys :)
And awww, he really needs a bit of love
His design and personality are lovely! And his bio is sad TT.TT
Oh! New looks on him! Nice <3 I love the middle pic
@Raichi: I know, it's just that I have an idea for the bio but I'm torn in between a few details ^^' I'm so indecisive. Either way, I'll probably put it up today (hopefully)

@Feruru: lol My names are always either so cliched or just plain obvious so don't worry about it. I had trouble with them before but I reached the point in which I said 'Whatever lets just call them something that has to do with their powers/personality' lol
Name: Soghar Bizzhi
Age: 24
Kingdom: Balavanka
Residence: In the outskirts of Bala Kingdom Castle. (He prefers to stay out of the palace business but lives near in case he’s needed)
Role: Captain of the Army
Personality traits: Quiet, skeptical, proud, vain and cool tempered. Silly when drunk (usually avoids alcohol). Gets easily embarrassed by obscene topics or talk.
Likes: The heat, the sun, spicy food, taking walks, birds, training, taking care of his appearance and grooming.
Dislikes: Rain, cold, loud and weak people, mindless talk, kids and cats.

Bio: Having lost his mother at a Young age, Soghar was raised by his father, a strict man who had to balance his long work hours with rising up a little kid. He was a ruthless fighter of unquestionable loyalty to his kingdom and well-known pyromancer that people often went to for advice. He often took his son with him to work because he had nowhere else to leave him and because he didn’t want to risk losing his son like he did his wife. As he was at work, he would let him observe him as he did his divinations.

Soghar soon showed interest in this art, amazed that something so wild could actually provide so much information, and asked his father to show him how to do it. His father told him that before bending the fire to do something so complex, he had to control and dominate the nature of it, and that to do so he had to became strong physically first. He wouldn’t train him until Soghar showed him that he could fend for himself and that he was so strong as to take such responsibility. So the boy started to train the hard way, getting into some fights and getting beaten up more than once. After some years, he was finally acknowledge to be strong enough to start his training with fire.

This training wasn’t as easy as the physical one though and it took him some years to be able to get the simple control of a flame next to his hands, much to his father’s disappointment which hurt the boy’s feelings and pride as he admired and respected the man a lot. He was epically failing in front of the man he loved so much.

Soghar was slowly progressing when his father had to live for a mission to the Aztec kingdom. After a long time without seeing him, the authorities announced his disappearance and probable death. Not believing this, Soghar decided to be ready for the time the man returned, to prove him that he was a son he could be proud of. Since he didn’t have any guidance in the fire control area, he mostly trained his fighting abilities, having the idea to use the little control he had on the element to strengthen his skills. He joined the kingdoms army, knowing that his father would have greatly approved of that and to fight against the ones who people said the man had been taken away by, the Aztec Kingdom.

Due to his great fighting skills and quick mind when it came to war and battle strategy, Soghar slowly raised ranks until he was made captain of the army. The only problem is that his men are a bit suspicious of him because he doesn’t interact with people much nor has he great leadership skills as the men can’t empathize with him much. They follow him only because of duty and because they trust his good instincts but they are not his friends. Soghar doesn’t mind this as long as they do as ordered.

Powers: Great speed and strength in upper limbs. Good evaluating skills of the battlefield and excellent tactician. He can control fire a bit if he is close enough but can’t create it out of nowhere. For example he can keep the flames on the blade of his spear to make more damage and burn the enemies or create a protective fire circle around him but he can’t burn down a person/animal/house/etc. at will.

Weapons: His main weapon is his spear which he wields with skill. He also keeps a wide dagger in his boot.
To add to that, in the little pouch he wears he carries a small bottle with flammable liquid. Dipping a bit of it on either of the two blades and clashing them against the metallic arm cover he wears on his left arm, the spark created is enough to get a little flame going which he then can control and use at will. He needs some time to do this so it usually is impossible for him to use it he suffers a surprise attack or he’s not ready for the fight.