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hey guys!! sorry we missed our Friday update... our apartment has been without internet until this very moment. ohhh sweet internets, how I have missed you... XD

anyway since we missed Friday there will be an extra comic on Tuesday... you better be happy!! ^_-
Allan keeps trying to get me to put Unbuntu on my computer, but i'd rather have an arfican shaman instead XD
hi! I just read through most of the archive, great comic you got here!! oh, the joys of being a roommate... XD

fav'd!! keep it up!
based on an actual conversation XD
and here's the one the Failed to Load guys did for us!! spiffy, no? XD
Hey! this is a guest comic we did for our friends over at Failed to Load. it's a comic that Allan and I like a lot, so be sure to check it out. their banner is at the bottom of our site!!

as for the comic... some days it's a good day to die, some days its a good day to play Smash Bros. XD
OMG I LOVE IT!!! I'm so hawt XD and Game Shark looks win!

we'll have your comic ready in a few days. keep an eye on our site!!
the way I figure it, I dont need a diploma to follow my two greatest passions: ART and GAMES!!

oh btw Allan, you need to do the dishes. your ramen bowls are really stacking up!!
actually, most of the time he just yells at us to be quiet. all like "SHUT UP DOWN THERE IM TRYING TO RAID ELFANGOR KEEP!!" or whatever. and then he apologizes to his buds on vent. lol
@ Yukihime: haha, what can I say? you girls got such weird squishy bits...

@ Hoshikiba: Voldo = win

@ Stick_Violence: O_O HALF?! thats... IMPOSSIBLE!!
you can't microwave a can of soup, duh! XD
hahaha! I always wanted to try that XD
haha! Wakka just cracks me up! good job man. I like the colored speech bubbles.

anyway I read all of this comic and I love Paper Mario, so keep up the good work, guys! gaming comics gotta stick together! fav'd!!
don't worry, my grandma didnt REALLY die! XD
haha... hitman!! I just read all of these and i have to say great job ^_^ glad to see so many good gaming comics on SJ. fav'd!
this comic is so cute.... I just got done playing Mystery Dungeon so this rules! totally fav'd! us gamer comics gotta stick together after all ^__^
just wait till you see the next one!!
June 12th, 2008
lol, I'm new to SJ and happened on your comic randomly... let me say HILARIOUS!! I read every one of them, you rule man. great to find fellow gaming comics on this site!
lol. I dont care if the forum hates you, I just read through every comic and I love it!! keep up the good work, gaming comic brotha!
lol. we get pretty random sometimes XD