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I'm into games, mostly, if that wasn't obvious. Also comics and some anime.
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    Allan Perkins
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Cheese Monkey is almost always pissed, haha. Glad you enjoy the comic, Frooginmago!
Haru, your spelling errors need to be remedied. It's spelled UBUNTU, and it's the greatest OS ever made. Show some respect!
Amen, brother.
What a twist!
Art imitating life, my friends.

And I'm always worried. Worried about my roomate's sanity, that is.
Uh-oh, she's not a gamer girl after all! How will our heroes cope?!

That's great news, Jae. Haru and I really appreciate it!
Haha, don't sweat it, Captain. At this point, we've gotten in the habit of drawing generic gaming controllers so as not to single out a particular system as our favorite. But you're right, Brawl is only available on the Wii. Our bad!

Glad you enjoy the comic :P
Interesting. One of the best things about Smackjeeves is that one can receive honest criticism from other comic authors. So thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give your opinion.

The hands are something that Haru might look into. We've gotten compliments on the photographic backgrounds, however, so they aren't likely to change.
Your best friend wouldn't happen to be a clueless gamer nerd with blue hair and a pet mechanical shark, would he? Hahaha
Wow, Goku versus Naruto. That battle is LONG overdue, methinks. Thanks for fulfilling my darkest fantasies. This is one of the most exciting sprite comics I've seen on Smackjeeves...and that's saying a lot, as many of them are top-notch. Keep up the good work.

Hahaha, wow. I really enjoy your style. The character designs are simple yet cute and fun, and the humor is spot on. Keep up the good work!

We are indeed. We got an apartment together about a year ago when Haru dropped out of school (he said it wasn't for him, probably because they didn't have classes dedicated to Baldur's Gate), and we've been rooming together ever since.

Heart-warming story, yes?
On the few occassions Haru has managed to rope some poor girl into coming over, this has been my EXACT reaction.
I'm glad this comic is promoting a bit of lively debate. We plan on sparking some of that, from time to time.
This is terrific. You have a spot-on sense of humor and a simplistic yet fun and visually pleasing art style. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Well, thank god I studied Spanish in school! This is so beautifully drawn. The character designs and backgrounds are dark, sensual, and above all, visually pleasing. I look forward to seeing more from you. You're very talented. Muy bien!

Haha wow, well done, my friend. You have a unique talent for both layouts and art; symplistic yet cute and visually pleasing. Plus I dig the geeky stuff! Keep it coming, if you please.

Fav'd, definitely.
Wow, this is so well-drawn! Not many Sonic the Hedgehog fans seem willing to put in the effort when it comes to actually drawing the characters. Either that or they don't have your talent. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Wow, I never thought shonen-ai would do anything for me; but what can I say, these characters really grab me, and the artwork and layouts are really well done. Bravo!

Hahaha! Oh wow guys, this is really great. I just read the whole archive, and I love both your styles. They're very distinct but each fun in their own way. You've really managed to capture the gamer dynamic least as it exists around my house!