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Woah man...
It like...scanned in slanted...funky
See if you can find the computer generated objectoids in this comic
Another Hiatus?!
Yea...I'm going to Florida from the 24th till the 2nd of August. The fox character is the Fursona form of Kenshi and the hot babe is...a hot babe
And the joke is?...
It's an abscure Teddy Rosevelt refrence...brush up on your history punk
Prepair for a resumation of shedual!
The main point/bash is that Thunder is the noise produced by the rapid heating and cooling of air due to lightning. So how does a friggin mouse use thunder to make lightning? F****** Japanese...
Kenshi looks almost sad...
For those who want to understand the joke between Xellos and Kenshi, it appears all of my emo shirts are either drawn with hugeass stitches or a skull
Just for those "hip youngsters" this is bashing on the older Pokemon episodes (Hence the battle between Ash's Pikachu and his future Bulbasaur)
Out of context? No
This is not ment to be comedic in any way, shape, or form. If you find any of this funny I suggest you re-evaluate your sence of humor and look deep into your mind to find your own shadows that haunt you
Because I will use that to kill you very fastly...quickly...
You should feel ashamed for even reading this one
Oh pocket Dictionary, what would I do without you?