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Likes: Anime, Manga/Mahua/Manhwa, Studying Mandarin, Drawing, Shoujo-ai, Taiwanese Dramas, (Korean) Fashion, Cats and Dogs, Languages, Sewing, Playing Video Games (DS), Sleeping, Surprising people with layouts, Altern. Rock/Techno/Kpop/etc...

Groups: Girls' Generation (SNSD), Wonder Girls, T-ARA, KARA, f(x), Super Junior(-M), E.Via, 4minute,Secret, Rainbow, SISTAR, SS501, miss A, and After School!

Hates: Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Bad Smells, Lack of the Internet, Creepy Fangirls,...

Shows: 不良笑花 (Miss No Good), Peach Girl, Flapjack, Chowder, 6Teen, K-On, Eden of the East, etc...
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I'm loving this story! I can't wait for more! <3
I thought he wasn't going anymore...?

Hehe, btw, 'alot' isn't a word, it should be 'a lot', lots of people get that wrong! xD
OMG! I can't believe there is really an f(x) yuri! <3 Now all we need is a SunnyxTaeyeon (SNSD) story and I could die happy! :'D

I love your art in this! You've improved so much! :3 -fave-
Aww, they're so cute! <3
Oh the suspence! I wonder what he wants to tell/ask her...?

I missed this story by the way! xD
Haha, funny page! xD
I love these two! :3
Poor girl, hopefully she figures things out! :3
I like how you did his hair. :3
I wonder what they were like as a couple...o.o
I feel bad for her, she should give up now before she gets hurt. >w<
Well, isn't she bossy! xD
Wow, this is sketchy to the extreme!
Sorry you guys, hope you don't mind. >w<

I got a laptop (yay!; byebye 6/7 year old windows xp desktop!) yesterday! I lack a flashdrive, ugh, and I need to transfer everything before the desktop dies...;A; Since I'm using this laptop I'm lacking in some programs and fonts (which is why the font is different). -sigh- so much to do xD

If you ever need to buy a laptop, I highly recommend getting an Asus (from BestBuy or wherever else they are sold), they're very good quality and have all the same things as HP/Dell/Toshiba laptops, for less money, while being thinner and super glossy/shiny too. O:

@gizumimipichu - Really? I hope I won't disappoint you! ;A;
@Misuzuki - -posted- <3 I'll try to be more consistent! :]
I'm so happy to see a new page! :3
I really like how you shade! <3
Poor girl, he'll notice you eventually. ;A;
Oh, I have a question! How long does it normally take you to make a page for 123Step!? 30 minutes? An hour?

[EDIT] Yori, you're not stalking me are you? ;D jk
@MadyPPalwaysbesty - Oh, the layout? Hehe, yeah I did. xD Thank you. :]
Yay, a new page! <3 I hope you don't mind that it's sketchier than normal...I'm sorry for the lack of consistency, I feel as though my art changes every page...ಠ__ಠ This probably will happen throughout the story, so sorry in advance. Speaking of which, Jeimi might look a tad different, since I changed how she looks just a bit, you'll barely know the difference, I promise. >w<;
I hate the suspense of waiting page by page, but for this comic I'll endure it! <3
I love how you draw eyes now! <3
The first panel is so pretty! :]
Nick doesn't seem so interested in seeing them. ]: