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I thought Black would say that something’s going on. But it turned out to be Pearl’s aunt.
Nice excuses but there’s a flaw. Speeds bandages. If he prepares for that then they’re probably safe
I’m pretty sure it’s the bandages that both black and speed have because of silvia
is victini still watching over speed? if he/she/it's still watching then there's a good chance that speed is still alive
Also where’s the flare from this timeline?
If that flare is 36 years old then why is he calling speed “big brother?” Also how did he get there?
It’s not rekt count I don’t think

It’s dead count: 2 (maybe more) unless he used substitute or haling factor

Speed died once before he got the healing factor upgrade he said in q and a but in the end he was brought back to life
But wasn’t his ribs crushed by silveon twice?

Assuming silveon did 37.5 attack damage with one crush he’d be at 25 health so he should be able to use substitute
Is this entire mess Lazuli’s fault?


I mean she did bring cc to the shore.

Just saying
Wait did you guys see the last panel? Flare’s right eye was somewhat red
I think it’s the guy who calls speed 2.0 “fake daddy” in breaking point
But just 11 years old
As long as speed remembers of his healing factor it will