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That's a good new header, a little big but- Oh Dear God, Skyler looks like Numbah Four from KND; the old Cartoon Network show.
No, I'm pretty sure it's Gremlins. And I think calling the Gremlin Exterminators for the next chapter on would be not as cool as letting them stay. By that I mean, keep doing it, it's hilarious.
YOUR cliche senses? Well.
I like how someone has a nosebleed now, after the nudity. As far as the punishment goes, the severity should depend on how hot she is. You should probably draw up a reference picture of her naked so we, the readers, can weigh in on this matter and help decide on the right consequence. Everyone likes appealing to the readers, right? Right?
I was expecting someone to trip and their face end up next to breasts/crotch. Aw well, I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
My cliche senses are tingling.
About selling the books...
I would definitely buy the book if I could. Especially if you signed (numbered?) them, I don't know why, but it adds a certain appeal.