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**Hmm... as much as I love how this page turned out.. what with the shading and pineapples and all... *big sigh* I'm going to have to cut this page...

**It's just too unrealistic for what I'm trying to do here... plus as much as I hate to admit she's right I have to agree w/ mu friend. This scene screams PCP-Rape-scene-child-molestation-death!

**Plus... Takeshi's apt has no furniture .-.
*,* I lurf Ren-Ren
<< specially since he pisses off Clover & Monday
Which means they'll be united in their anti-Ren-ness
Which means he'll be all aloooone
Which means I can have him all to myself! Fwahahaha! *hog-ties Ren & kidnaps*
^o^ It's so colorful! Pretty!!! Wings Wings wiiiiings!!!


*wants to draw fan-art now* ...
WOOOOW You replied to all of us!? O O

T^T *feels so special*

Hahaha ^^ It'll be worth the wait! *pulls up comfy chair & popcorn*
T^T It's over already?
I think it's a brilliant ending; just perfect for the story. Well done. Absolutely well done
Now I'm off to wait for it to get published and put on the shelf so I can buy a copy ^ ^
ZOMG!!! I just finished reading this page and this kid walked out of the library building and and and he looked exactly like Clover!!! O O and and and then he started smoking!!! O O x 10 and and and... I'mma go lay down now X,X
*pushes *Suki* over* Miiine!
*converted to the ways of Ren waaaaaaaaaaaay back on his preview pager-ma-do-thingey*

*,* <--- *droool*

<3 Ren lovelove

but uhh oh right! CLOVERxMONDAY 4-EVAH!!!

*goes back to drooling over Ren*
*points* MONDAY HASH A TAAAAAAAAILLLLLLL!!!!!! :3 so cuuute! *luffs it* +O+
AHahhhahHAHhahHAHAHa! I love Clover's boo face XD
Yeah... a zoot suit would be a bit impractical XD hehehe

Kind of random but I really love your use of light and shadow. ^ ^

*waits eagerly for next update*
Yaaaaay! I really like how this page turned out!

Yes! Those are pineapples! I needed something to fill in the backround with and my brother suggested pineapples!

Fwahahaha! So I might change the banner or incorperate them into the webpage design or something ^ ^
Nooooo! T^T Bad Jorrrdaaan! Think of the poor Harrison!

<3's him already

.3. so coool!

His shoulders look fiiiine to me XD *shot* srry couldn't resist ^ ^;;
Hahahah! ... uhg.. @_@ bra-shopping... x x *dies*

Ahh! Noo! Not his beauteous 'stache! *pets it* ^w^
Yeah I know >,< Total paint cheat-age! I kinda like how it turned out though... ^ ^

Anywho I'm sorry if it's super confusing T T

Just so you know the '-' are takeshi talking and the '~' are Riaku.
Crap >.< I didn't mean for it to rhyme... oh well >.>

Enter: The Mysterious Chin-Man!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!

His face will be revealed shortly XD