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Just came over from dA, and this is amazing work. :D
You're back! :D
Well, unless you were reading it out, you ever said q.
Oxymoron. In the "Find the oxymoron in this sentence." Does that count?
No probs, wasn't your fault. ^^

And okies.
I should have 35 points btw, ten from the unexpected answer. :P (It's disappointing, not dissapointing) (Two s in Accessories, not one) (Missed the I in the title) (Spelt dying wrong) (Should that be "Smells like my spirits"?) (Not really spelling, but meh) (Put in, not is) (You put grazing, but it might be intentional)
Iceland or Luxembourg?

(Ten point unexpected answer ftw)
Red, White and Blue.
Czech Republic?
Is the answer 4850.773333333333333333333333333?
Awesome effects Exer!

Enjoy your weekend break.
Looks awesome Exer! :O
The 1st and 3rd panels aren't that bad. I like the way you did the fourth panel too.
Keep up the great work. :D
Sweet, Seth's up too! :D
(I came up with the name ages ago. xD)
You mean JBlack?
Do you do animations for requests Sbm?
There just ones I didn't get/had three people.

EDIT: That, and I have no idea who Hugh Laurie is.