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Ash Crimson
Yo! :3

Names Azen, or Ash to you all cause you've never known me otherwise. I'm 17 and not all that abnormal... unless you think a werewolf is abnormal... X3

I'm the head author of the Merc For Hire comic and the only author of the Alter Series (you wont find that here)
I also work on some author comics like Big Brother Sonic.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to PM me or PM me if you wanna talk.
If you wanna join a comic of mine, go ahead and send an app, I'll more than likely accept.

Also... I'm bi... I hear one word outta any of yalls mouths Imma kick your ass so hard you'll wish your grandmomma aint never been born!

... not much else to put here... ... ...

So now I end with a catface!

  • Real Name
    Mr. Azen Clarity
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Impressive comicwork...keep it up and going!
Nice comic, Going to watch it for a bit
Relax... Its just a lttle firecracker... And besides, I've dealt with fire all my li- BOOM!
because I can... duh >X3
be an old member or get lucky...
and by lucky, I mean impress TG...
I'm not inviting/accepting anyone myself
to those who celebrate
... have a happy 4th
Now we just need to get those clothes done...
Thats the power of oxiclean!
... cant you use fire, burn?
Its a mericapocalypse!

Edit: Burn... PM Sprites now... I wanna update the sprites page before I go insane
Ash: Well SOMEONE's gotta go in...

From off screen: DEEEEEX!

Azen: ... Obviously some poor sucker already has...
Hey TG... can I get my permissions please? I made an intro >:D
This gave me a laugh X3
... alright... I'll join back up... Updating'll be whenever life isn't kicking me but I'll do what I can... Spritespage, roomspage, gimme a job TG...
But I'm not cleaning the pool.
Sorry... but its gone...
L got his wish, but TG has made a revival... go there if you want to continue viewing whats left of BBS...
Felix, call me a freaking hypocrite one more time...
I posted that last comic as a joke and to see who was still alive.
And why havent I been updating? Because I've been busy with LIFE and all its f***ing drama.
Edit: Excuse my additude but I dont really need this right now.
I havent OFFICIALLY gone insane
Thats probably the only thing me and Ash have agreed on...

Maybe I've lost my mind?

SO!? 0wo
Nice to see this comic back up and running! ^^
Love yuffies expression in the last panel XD
A trip to RL
Ash: Azen! Update now!

Azen: Busy... playing... Dissidia...


-Ash gives Azen a boot to the head.
-Azen is K.O.ed
-Ash gains Level 98!
lol TC still plays...
might acctually get on later (havent been on in ages XD)
Dude that is full of win there!