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@shadowfox2333456: I love this comic, It’s to sad, but I still love it... 😭 I finished this in 15 minutes... too fast...
Love at first sight!! So cute!
Sigh... Rain looks better without the hair covering his eye....
Har har, Jerky McJerkface.
Derpy face!
How are we gonna read that? It’s so blurry and tiny and too small!
Nooooo! Why War dream? What’s happening?
Also, how come Farrah didn’t have any pups?
I love this comic!!! Please make more!! I love animals and shapeshifters!!!!!
Run for your LIVES.!!!
I love reading books, Although I love reading comics more!

This is my 4th time rereading this comic.
Cool! I have a shiny Dragonite, Charazard, Moltres, Plusle, .........
Hey Speedy, electro type is stronger than water! No need to be afraid.
Speedy! Your hair! Why is it not spiky anymore?
Silvia, did you just develop a new power? Glitter Puke?
SSSSHHHHIIIINNNNYYYY! Gotta catch ‘em all!
Espeon is calm but still running... why?
Oh yeah! New page!
@Turtwigsfire13: Who’s the boy and girl?!!?