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@WhyWasImade:( FINALLY, someone is in the same time zone as me! Also hopefully fluffy isn’t dead
One question, is PearlxBlack still cannon because I honestly ship it even though there are a whole lot of SylviaxBlack
Also poor Pearl and Black, they look miserable
@Jack The Shiny Jolteon
I’m pretty sure that’s flare if he stayed as a Leafeon
I am now wondering what’s gonna happen when Everymon else finds out later that speed will date glaceon..... Will Sunshine still call Sylveon mommy?
Your Glaceon has now evolved in to a confused Flareon
@Wolf_assault I wanna see how eevee,Lazuli,and Chrystal will react when they find out that Speed likes Lazuli
I love how Sunshine just steps a bit away and while Silvia is tackling Speed, Lazuli and Sunshine are like,”hmm”
Pearl you read their minds didn’t you
@Icebird610 when me and mah bestie are in pe we will discuss Es and other kids will just stare at us like,”wut is wrong with them?”
@Icebird610 I reread the entire thing again last night
@TotallyNotLazuli I’m pretty sure it’s about 8 am for him( I think?)
Flare..? Are you okay?