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Speedy: She’s on to us
Cue Dramatic music
Dun dun duuuuun
I love how Sunshine just steps a bit away and while Silvia is tackling Speed, Lazuli and Sunshine are like,”hmm”
Pearl you read their minds didn’t you
@Icebird610 when me and mah bestie are in pe we will discuss Es and other kids will just stare at us like,”wut is wrong with them?”
@Icebird610 I reread the entire thing again last night
@TotallyNotLazuli I’m pretty sure it’s about 8 am for him( I think?)
Flare..? Are you okay?
I just realized something, if you zoom in on where lazuli is confessing you can see speed is like, “Is she for real?”
@DarkFireEevee IKR I was so surprised when she lasted longer
@GalaxyW0lfz he said miss Icey because fluffy was talking
Your right but it took awhile for flare to bond with it he’s almost halfway but it’s been a couple years sooo
Or flare seeing his big brother die
Imagine Glaceon having to see him dead
You were right Jolteon, it is a boss battle
Is this the part where he becomes a mashed potatoe
I like how Speed and even Flare are so serious but then Glaceon is over there like they’re weird