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December 21st, 2014
@Kakoishounen: Wah, I'm so honored you'd think I'm a pro! ;w; I'm just a regular person who draws for a hobby ahaha
Here’s more stuff I wanted to say, but couldn’t fit onto the page.

*I’ve gained a teensy bit more confidence in my art since the time I stopped drawing Silvarta. I can sort of draw proportional things! I can sort of draw male humans now! xD If you want to look at my more recent art, see my profile on Gaia (I’m Cirenes there), my deviantART account (blizztheevilone), or my SheezyArt account (blizz).

*Yes, my sketches are terrible. But I can do (sketch)lineart on real paper now! No more painful computer-linearts! *A*

*YES, I STILL HAVE TO DRAW CONTEST PRIZES. And they’re from last year. Dx I’m really sorry, but I still need time. Next time I do a contest, I’m not drawing for the prizes. I’m so unreliable. TT___TT


*When I look at the pages of this comic, my eyes burn. How in the world do some of you think this is decent...?! I am compelled to delete the whole thing for the sake of my sanity. ;A;

*I LOVE YOU GUYS. You are amazingly loyal when it is obvious that this comic is stupid and dead. OTL

*I’m not hyper, I swear. 8D
November 9th, 2007
ROFL at the manhandling.
And I concur with Gabriel. <3
August 20th, 2007
UPDATE. Please Read.
UPDATE 8.20.07--

Okay, folks.

This manga will be on hiatus until the storyline is complete, the art is better, and I have more time. I still love the characters and concept, so I'm not going to trash the project. I *might* completely redraw it, though. The lack of proportion in almost every page bothers me to the point that I can't continue. Also, I need a better grasp of my own characters (how pathetic is that?) to fully portray their quirks and whatnot in the story.

I want Silvarta to be perfect, if not very close to my own expectations. I don't want to show the internet world anything less than my best.

I apologize for the delay. There are plenty of great comics here for your reading pleasure, so go dig them out. :)

blizztheevilone @ dA
blizz @ SheezyArt
Cirenes @ GaiaOnline
<33 Update~! :D Hehe, Hiroshi's so amusing. xD
April 27th, 2007
Now I shall watch as everyone un-favorites this thing because of the hiatus. xDD
C: Great facial expressions in this page. Poor baby dragon... TT____TT
The contest is finally over. I'm still amazed at how many people entered with such awesome entries. Thank you guys so much! <333


~celeyo - 1st Place: Full CG, 3 characters max (full body), with background.

*firefly376 - 2nd Place: Full CG, 2 characters max (full body), simple background.
=Sakura-Star - 2nd Place: Full CG, 2 characters max (full body), simple background.

*LeoAndBan - Honorable Mention: CG, 1 character waist-up, no background. - [Request: High priest BaN]
~masoliar - Honorable Mention: CG, 1 character waist-up, no background.
o.o Oooh, I haven't seen this before.
*envies your oekaki-ing skillage* xDD
:D *pokes the little animal faces in the middle panel* I love Tsuki's hair~~.
C: This is a really great comic so far. Keep it up!
Fav'd. <3
:D OMGee yay! Hi, Maria~~
Now I can check for updates~~ C: *fav'd*
:D Which one? Specify, please. ^____^
Cassiopeia - o.O Whoa, whaaaaat? Don't be so hasty! D: I haven't done the rubric thingy for everyone yet, nor have I picked the judges. xDD
And yeah, what do you want for your request? :D
lol. Fine.

"It's no coincidence that I was reborn in this era..."
** Contest Judging, Prizes, and Giftart Info **

DEADLINE = 3/17/07 at 10PM EST. (That's today.)


Sorry. I can't CG a chapter cover with the little time I have this week. Sooo... Mortis filler that takes less time! ^^;;; (Yeah, I kind of forgot how to draw him. Shush.)

The Japanese says stuff that reveals a bit about him. Aaaaand I'm too lazy to translate right now. Maybe I'll do it later. It doesn't matter much anyhow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate it! C:
March 16th, 2007
Ooh, the hair looks really soft and pretty. *pets* xD
C: Aaaand the cuteness ensues. Good job with the profiles in the middle. They work well with the mood. ^-^
catqueen13 - lol. Darnit, I still have to sketch all of ch.3. Dx

ColdTurkey - C: Indeed. I use openCanvas 4.06E Plus. It has nice pressure-sensitive pen tools. ^-^

who cares - ^^ Thanks!

JujyFruit - xDD

lord pumpernickles - xD Yeah, most likely.

yoshgirl - C: *hugs him too*

Croon - :D They shall be widely available when they... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!111one! Or not. xD

wrath7s - xD We should just stick ears on regular dustballs.

Sirth - lol. Thank you! ^^

Jess - Thanks! ^^ Um, it's just some onomatopoeia stuff... Reth grabbing the blanket off. xD The rest of it says "T-this is..." for the sake of it. C:

Angelzora - :D Hey, gotta have the buck teeth. Maybe I'll throw in carrots next time. xD Thanks!

Silent - xD lol. There is a connection, though. ;D (Refer to Zeph's comment on the last page~~) It's a part of my whole DB-philosophy thing that I created last year. :D
:C Yeah, I'd hate to have a suicide-dad.

janirotluvx - Heh, the janitor scene will be the first in chapter 3. xD Thank you!

Blazing Pyro - o.o Zenon's not in this page. It's all Rethia. ^^;; Sorry if it was confusing. (Maybe it's because I let her hair down..) lol. DBs are fun~~ :D

Catgirl - xD Yeah, it's a bit random, but there's a connection~~! 8D It's really subtle, though. :P Thanks!
o.o Woah, your comic has really pretty art... <33 Linked. :D
<< DEADLINE EXTENDED : 3/17/07 >>


Contest ends next Saturday. Hope that was enough time. ^^;; It was supposed to be a winter contest, after all...

...Chapter 2 is finally finished! :D

Now we can move on to Forweim and Dust Bunnies and Koren! We shall also see more of Mortis, as well as some character development for several would-be couples (but probably won't be because love is icky *is a six-year-old at heart* D:).

Yeah, my perspectives are just... ugh. Don't say anything about them, please.