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I'm just a teenage dude, who loves to listen to music, and draw very unsettling pictures - haha, well, okay, surreal pictures.
If anyone can't guess from Camera Obscura, I am a Christian! Or rather, a JESUS FREAK!
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    Erik Northfell
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Sorry for the friggin' long time to update. I've been busy and such!
Cam Ob now has a shiny new website that doesn't hurt the eyes as much as the last one did:

Camera Obscura II is currently being written / drawn, and the first chapter will start once I'm completed with it. (AKA SOON!)
Is it just me, or is Sam reminding you a little bit of Turk from Scrubs...?
Oh I know what you mean on the forword - and everyone seems to agree with it, I talk to - crazy! haha
Awe-some! And it's good company too!!
Now - your book's next!
Thanks! :D
Well, as I'm writing Camera Obscura II, I've been doing some other things as well. One of them is this eight page comic, which is a Cam-Ob'd Adam and Eve story. Unlike Cam Ob, this is completely hand-inked. Hope you guys enjoy this and other small things before the next book is out!
It's dare
Alrighty, book one is now available!!
Currently, I'm self-publishing the book through Lulu here:
Also I'm looking for a erm...'real' publisher too, so, email me or PM me if anyone's interested.
Final page of book one! Thanks to all who've supported Cam Ob so far, and are just now getting into it. The print book will be out very soon, and will have concept art, high resolution comic pages, and corrected mistakes - all for $10!
Book Two is being written as we speak!
Thanks, all! I loved making this comic, and it was great to work with Twist. My only regret is I think a few of the panels are fugly, which, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to re-do!
Can't wait to see the rest of the Snapshots!
Well, at least you're on the right track! It'll all make sense in Book Three - which is a long way away. Meanwhile, I'd suggest reading Matthew 2
Thanks!! :D
A 'Mobed' is a Zoroastrian priest-magus, essentially - like the head priest with the ability to train others. It's related to the word "Magus" and "Magi" somewhat - I like throwing in the history of the magi a bit too
Stay tuned on that channel!
Same Magi time, same Magi network
So sorry for the long wait for the update... I was busy with other comic projects... ;)
This comic doesn't seem too bad at all, for a sprite comic - I'd really suggest proofreading it before posting, however.
Awwww. Manny's so cute! Fav'd
...that's what SHE said! [/Christo]
We've all been THERE before! Haha, woo Peter!
Things are looking up for ol' Pete!
Somehow, after watching Idiocracy, his speech sounds perfectly normal... haha