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Zeely Baby
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No, I tried that, but there isn't any "apply" link or button, it just gives a link to the's pretty much just another search engine.

A comment on one of the earlier issues said that for some reason, you can only join by invitation, currently..

Just used the "Browse" button, it appears the comics have to be set-up as "Seeking co-authors" in order to apply.
Can someone invite me to this comic, please? I'd really like to join, and there doesn't seem to be a way of applying right now.
I'm really liking this comic, can I join?
Yeah, figured you'd say that.

Honestly, part of me just wanted to say "Save the Wailmer".. XD
I've noticed you've yet to really incorporate humans into any of these issues. If you're trying to think of one, I was thinking maybe a "Save the Wailmer" issue would be a good idea? XD
Nice to see this comics return. I've been checking every few months or so, glad I didn't get rid of it from my bookmarks.

..By the way, you may want to edit "about me" part in your profile.. ^^'
Man, this must be a bad sickness.. =(
Hope she gets better...
And it is said that once every hundred moons, a rare thing occurs: a life-scarring experiance, for both predator and prey, at the same time, because of the same thing.
Yeah, I usually had Treecko evolved once by the time the first gym fight went around.
I'm pretty sure I've used all of them, just sorta liked Treecko more. Actually, I think I first started using Treecko, just so May would have Torchic.


Hey, I usually used Treecko!
It was never that hard using him in Emerald, I guess he changed after that.
Eh, it looks fine. Seen much worse.
I always thought that
It's Endless!! =P
Click this to add it:
Cute. ^^

Pokemon always seem to be, no matter how hard you try not to make them that way.

Odd, I didn't notice these last two.
I like it. Your still a great spriter.