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Scorpia Stingz
Well, I'm an emo/gothic girl, for starters. I like black and red and silver. My main hobbies are spritiing, reading, writing (stories, plots, lyrics, etc.), skating (ice, roller, board), riding, singing, and dancing. My favorite games/anime are KH, FF, Prince Of Persia, Warcraft, and Sonic. Right now, I am a student, and part-time waitress in a friend's internet/coffee shop.
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That's so cool....
But they were all guys? Aww...
There really is a God <3
Holy crap, I've waited so long for this place to update!
I guess my wait has been rewarded...
Welcome back maniac086!! =D
Waiting for Eternalstorm Blade to post...
O= Holy snappliez that IS me.

You just made tag my favorite game. >=3
Is that me?
I thought I was dead.
Didn't I die somewhere along the plot?
I just noticed xD
The one that says "Uh he died...So" and then they crossed him out. xD
-nods all knowingly-
Yup, must be a family thing.
This comic deserves one big

Amphitrite is so kawai!! I love the second and third panel <3
-scootch- xD
Scorpia Stingz
February 8th, 2010
Wow Angie.
Go girl!
Show 'em who's boss!!
Yeah, yeah, I missed you too, TCF.
Scorpia Stingz
February 5th, 2010
True, true.
And it's difficult to chat when said person has seen you rip out eyeballs and limbs from other demons.
-nods in an understanding way-
That dude is hardcore....
@Mav: I'm not talking to you about that, Mav. You quit, remember?
@GreyouTT: YES IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!
Oh, so he's Shinra's nobody?
Who told you this place was dead?!
It was just on a temporary surprise haitus!
Get back off yo lazy asses, people!
It's time to bring back this place!
I love how you update like 3-4 pages in one time <3
Makes waiting all the sweeter~
I'm Back!!
Yes! I'm alive! And I managed to fit this thing into my amazingly overloaded sched!
I love my life!
-gives out free cookies-
-cough snort cough-
May's getting pissed...
Holyshizzles, we have to voice our own characters??
-is freaking out-
Wait, what?
Is that Gabe??
What the heck is he doing here?!
I'm lost.