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HI i'm samantha you may call me sam i luv reading wrigthing drawing and singing i have a bff her name is lexie and i have 1 lil sis and 1 big bro i have 2 cats and 3 dogs.I luv yaoi and anime!!!!!!
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XD this is so cute...also what size inking pen do you use for the lining?
I must say,I'm re-reading these pages,and I have found that you have improved expertly over the last year or so you started this comic.It's amazing how much, not only your style,but the story it's self has developed.Wonderful job m'dear!I look forward to reading more of your lovely story.
That dad...has fabulous! hipsXD really lovely page!
XD this is so effing funny.And the dolls XD.I can see the ads now:
"Came get your Anorexy Dolls today!She has mad PUKING ACTION!"
XD Anyway great page lol I love how you colored the third panel!
@Pokemon-san: Me gusta tabien XD
The's killed me XD
I'm not sure which scares me more.Him being a stalker or his noes -._-.
*face palm*Tommy WHY would you FALL for that!?UGH!You're lucky I love you!>:C
Ohhohoh Dake you naughty naughty bi=oy you~
Tommy don't feel bad!UR PERFECT FOR ME!!!!!*Glomps*LOL
tht would be Tommys reaction!LOL XD
KLAUS U WHORE!Why!?!?LOL but glade ur back
Niya u weirdo lol
KILL THEM HORUS!!!They shall pay for breaking ur awsome blade o= dooooooooooooom!!!!
Mmmmm tenti-er..... tongue rape?
I is sad tht u wont be drawing all this out sense it is a very good story plot but atleast u didnt just drop it w?o telling us so i applause u:3