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Hey people. Right now I am just watching, but soon I hope to write my own comic.

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Omg, I got here before a wave of comments appeared. I must take hold of this opportunity!! ....uh, nice page! :D
What are you all talking about? Baraku never said he was in love with two people, only Welsher did. Baraku just said he knew what it felt to be a sinner... I have a feeling that a lot of people are reading the panels in the wrong seguence. Or that could be me....hmmm

At least that is what i think...
It's my birthday today, and i checked to see if you updated and you did!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! :D haha
Sticking around? Of course we're sticking around! I would have waited for an update for years!
Anyway, YEAH UPDATE!!! :D
Okay with all these updates? What are you serious?! I love them!!! :D
I usually don't comment, but this comic is awesome! :D