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awww is so sweet
XDDDDDDD haha i love tomo-nii.. and those suspicious marks.. XD
XDDDD poor kurogawa XD
omg i love yourpags, and your art, you drawing so good, im so envy XD
XDDDDD omg that face XDD >u<
ejem cof cof.. i cant wait XD
you know, im a big fan, so im stalking early XD
nice pag, haha dunno what i need to comment, but i just wanted to comment something and give my support
omg x3 i love the cover in the last page and keep the great work i reallly want to know more x3
: O :
i feel sad for him, but im so glad to read it, pls continue and keep the good work i will always read it x3
ohh i love, pls continue it, is so good and is really funny.. im enjoying it a lot c:
: o : save the egg!
o u o poor boy
April 21st, 2012
omg.... why he said that? poor of him XDDD wanna read more xd
owo XD
i want more xd
* O* wanna read more
i love your pages
March 27th, 2012
they are so cute x3
* O *
poor boy
he at least have a cute dog xd
i really love your art style
i want to
i will fav it to can see more
keep the good work