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I'm insane person that will recite things I see off of movies or even Youtube. Enough said.
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Oh my God, he CAN show different facial expressions. I thought resting bored face was his only expression.
Ah, so he was the invader? Interesting, I thought he led a coup against the current monarch.

So reboot huh? Oh boy, more questions now. Let's see.

Tikal: Since you can be alive for a limited time. What's your favorite food?

Mecha Sonic: I hear you're on your own now. What caused you to change your ways and how is your journey going?
Glad to see you back. Can't wait to see more of this.
Woah I asked that question almost three years ago. I forgot I asked it. Let's see another question.
@King Acorn: Why did you depose the previous monarchy? Were they bad at running the country? Was the economy in shambles? Were you about to be invaded? Or did you just want power?
Eve Shadow can't resist the pleas of a six year old child.
Yes the dumb hedgehog is dead! His stupidity was going to get him killed eventually. Rest in piece you overconfident prick!

Wow I really don't like my character. XD
Damn right through the kneecap. That hs got to hurt.
Toto, I don't think we're on Mobius anymore.
Really nice picture in panel four. Really like the scar on the right eye.
Felix can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the crush: crush!
Well the egg has finally cracked. Looks like he's off to the frying pan in Heaven.
"Okay Vegeta". Oh my god I laughing so hard. It looks like Jason's having a stroke in panel eight. Great job as always.
Well there goes Sonic, wonder who's next.
We've got two nameless soldiers with sword, against a couple of main characters. If they get out alive that would be impressive.
Oh now Shadow has more of a reason to fight. Bad move Eggman.
I think Jason's about to have an aneurism.
Looks like Shadow may have to resort to physical combat.
Shit, now both species are extinct.
Oh nearly got him. Got to be faster than that Thraxix.
Poor Sonic, he needs to get good.