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Hyper Shadow
I'm insane person that will recite things I see off of movies or even Youtube. Enough said.
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    Jason The Hedgehog
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....Well this just confused me more so this is just a general question anyone can answer.

So since Dark Sonic is apparently a thing...what's the difference between him and Super Sonic? Aren't they both corrupted versions of Sonic that want to go on a killing spree and destroy the planet? Or is Super Sonic just more...enthusiastic about it? Or are they failed clones of Sonic and Shadow?
Geez Mecha you really take Sonic's flair for theatrics to a whole new level.
Wait, wait, would he be able to go back and harvest the same Robo Sonic mk 1? If he went back to the past wouldn't he cause a time paradox by taking the parts before he went back in time in the first place? Thus, the parts wouldn't be there the first time he came up with the idea to repair himself and he'd die? Wouldn't this also apply to Metal Sonic? If he repaired himself, he'd also create a paradox where he couldn't go back in time as he was already repaired.

...Unless this runs on alternate timelines and the only thing they can do is go back to the past, return to the present and then, go back a bit further creating an alternate timeline. I've never played Sonic CD so I'm probably over thinking this.
Wait I think you answered my Mephiles question twice. Once last page and this page. Oh well. Got to see more of the whacky Mephiles.

@Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman: Knuckles mentioned that Hyper Sonic destroyed Dr Robotnik for good. Care to elaborate how that happened? Also as Eggman is from a parallel Universe where he won. How did he beat Hyper Sonic yet Robotnik did not?

@King Acorn: don't trade at all? How have your people not revolted and tried to depose you? Trade is what keeps a country's economy going. Without trading to outsiders your economy is going to stall and unemployment will start to skyrocket, your technology will start to stall, and in time you'll be easily taken over by the advancing countries. Think of your people before your pride. Don't have your legacy be the royal family that choose to close itself off from the world. Your family will become the laughing stock of history.
@Mephiles: So besides watching your manipulations unfold over time. What else do you do while waiting? I'm sure most of your manipulations take years at a time to actually become a reality. Do you have other hobbies or interests so you don't get mad just staring down onto the planet?

@Knuckles: Granted that Sonic usually goes absolute bonkers when he uses the Chaos Emeralds. Was there ever a time where they were not enough and you had to use the Master Emerald to supercharge them into the Super Emeralds for Sonic or for yourself? Or do they not exist in your Universe?

@King Acorn: I'm curious with Eggman owning about 99% of the planet. What are your economic policies? How is your country able to trade with G.U.N. and the kingdom of Solenana? Wouldn't Eggman attack any traded goods going across his land?
I forgot while are there two versions of Metal Sonic? Was one created by Snively or something?
Oh my God, he CAN show different facial expressions. I thought resting bored face was his only expression.
Ah, so he was the invader? Interesting, I thought he led a coup against the current monarch.

So reboot huh? Oh boy, more questions now. Let's see.

Tikal: Since you can be alive for a limited time. What's your favorite food?

Mecha Sonic: I hear you're on your own now. What caused you to change your ways and how is your journey going?
Glad to see you back. Can't wait to see more of this.
Woah I asked that question almost three years ago. I forgot I asked it. Let's see another question.
@King Acorn: Why did you depose the previous monarchy? Were they bad at running the country? Was the economy in shambles? Were you about to be invaded? Or did you just want power?
Eve Shadow can't resist the pleas of a six year old child.
Yes the dumb hedgehog is dead! His stupidity was going to get him killed eventually. Rest in piece you overconfident prick!

Wow I really don't like my character. XD
Damn right through the kneecap. That hs got to hurt.
Toto, I don't think we're on Mobius anymore.
Really nice picture in panel four. Really like the scar on the right eye.
Felix can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the crush: crush!
Well the egg has finally cracked. Looks like he's off to the frying pan in Heaven.
"Okay Vegeta". Oh my god I laughing so hard. It looks like Jason's having a stroke in panel eight. Great job as always.
Well there goes Sonic, wonder who's next.
We've got two nameless soldiers with sword, against a couple of main characters. If they get out alive that would be impressive.