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I have an account everywhere.

If you want to contact me, catch me on AIM or MSN.
Quote the hitchhiker's guide correctly next time.

I'm not ignorant, just tired of same old same old. Back in my day, trolling meant something.
Of course someone was going to say it, they were going to either way. Still makes them idiots.
I knew you'd be the one to post that Mercha. And you call me predictable.
Long post, I know. Don't think yourself clever and say, "Too long; didn't read."

Yeah, look at the world today where we invade countries on false pretenses and certain presidential candidates refuse to even talk matters over with the "enemy". Lotta debate going on over there.

Diplomacy is what matters. That, and I'm getting tired of people telling me to become a politician or a lawyer. I am an animator.

I have experience with pixel art (including sprites). Not editing. I learned how to make sprites to disprove this bullshit about "OH EDITING IS JUST A STAGE OF LEARNING, EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE." This isn't a coincidence where someone who happened to learn that way is calling you out. I had no prior experience, set out with that goal in mind, and look where I am now.

Yes I have issues with the edit community, the same way I have issues with fanart communities. It's all the same problem. People who don't seem to grasp how art works. I don't know any better way to describe it than that.

The fanart and sprite edit communities are filled with shit. Shitty art, crappy edits. I don't have a problem with people not being the best artist, everyone has to start somewhere. What I have trouble with is the starting point, the progress from there, and the intense resistence to any form of critique.

I've been told to go elsewhere, told to shut up, I've been banned, I've been insulted, and I've been utterly demoralized. And yet I cannot shake this idealistic notion that perhaps this large useless portion of our population might be capable of learning how to do something productive.

My critique is fine. The trouble lies in the listener. I have done much harsher and been thanked by the recipient. Any excuses are the whining of the incompetent. Arguments aren't the trouble, it's idiots who think themselves heroes, stabbing the guy offering them a lift.
I tried writing up fixes for the last panel, but I don't think it can be salvaged.
Perhaps I am. It certainly follows me wherever I go.

Bans are for cowards, talk it out like men.

In before pointless whining and bans in the absense of guilt. Just post something new, I think we're done talking about this submission.
I'll get a minor inconvenience as I have to have noscript cease allowing this site to use these fancy little popup windows to write comments in.

That, or I'll have to wait a few seconds longer for the page after clicking the proxy button in my browser.

That, or I'll click the registration page and hit submit after a firefox add on fills out the information as usual.

Unless you can convince Smack Jeeves to shut down registration completely for at least a month and actively track my IP address, you're not going to stop me from commenting. I can register alt accounts, switch IP addresses, edit cookies, circumvent redirects, and kick your ass at the click of a button.

I have created a situation whereby you cannot run, and cannot hide. So face me head on or cry in the corner.
Yeah, rules which you instated just so that you could claim I broke them. How funny.

By the way, you can't ban me. It's literally impossible up to the point of shutting down registration and deleting my account, which you really can't do.

You make a poor admin. Already threatening to ban people? Come on. That is not how you run a site.
Let me put it this way:

Stop putting in rules to punish me for things I did in the past.

That, and spell "Arguing" correctly when you put in a new rule.

Arguments are the way the world progresses. The clashing of ideas. If we don't have arguments then where do we go? You gotta to have conflict. Physical fighting is stupid because you don't really solve anything, but arguments have real value.
Warning against what? Not committing a crime? So does that mean that I actually should start flaming?
The pants were obviously drawn on top of the body. Which is why the shading does NOT MATCH THE SHAPE OF THE PANTS AT ALL. are they magically curved outwards towards the viewer or something? All in all, it would have been better if you had just recolored the section like you did with the rest.

The thole thing is . . . simple. Really simple.
Eh, the palette is boring. Pose is too.

Too much outline, it's ruining the form. Especially on the clothing. You don't need an outline to differentiate between forms, especially on the inside of the shape.

Also, the left hand blends right into the thigh. Make sure your stuff contrasts between forms. Values don't blend like that in real life, and they shouldn't in your art either.
The pose looks stiff. Liven it up a bit. Do you ever stand like that? Put some character into it!

The hair doesn't really look like a cardinal's. Step off the sonic bases. They're holding you back.

The shading has no real rhyme or rythm to it. Figure out how stuff looks under light. It's all about the direction of the light.
Um... Did you think that gives you a real excuse?
Cause it doesn't.

Calm down, don't freak out, learn how to draw folds in clothing.
Okay, big PROTIP here for everyone.

Pixelart is ANY TYPE OF ARTWORK MADE PIXEL BY PIXEL. Oekaki (drawn in MS paint, but not made pixel by pixel) is not pixel art. Sprites are. It doesn't matter what size it is, or whether it's a full picture or just one part of it. If it was made pixel by pixel, it is pixel art.

Sprites are any 2 dimensional computer image developed for the purpose of integration into a larger scene. Meaning that if you draw a character in photoshop on a transparent background, it is a sprite. Sprites can be of any size, and don't even need a transparent background. They do not need to be made pixel by pixel, they just need to be designed expressly so that they can be integrated into a larger scene or background.

Just a quick lesson for everyone, because I saw some confusion over this earlier. The thing posted at the top of the page is both pixel art, and a sprite.

And to answer the question in the picture, yes I really can believe that, it's nothing impressive. Get the folds in the clothing right next time.
Do I sound angry to you?

Also, in what way am I a troll? Do you even know what a troll is? Come on kid, this isn't multi-variable calculus.

Seriously, are you 11 or what? If you have a problem with me, then don't voice it in such a . . . frankly pathetic, way.

That's not a word. I can understand a typo, but you're in friggen Firefox (YOU HAD BETTER BE *eyes burn with fury*) how can you make a mistake like that?

Don't discourage people from spriting! Tell them what they did wrong so they can get better! I'd say that this piece is a sign that they probably draw like this in real life:

To go into actual critique, stop pillow shading, learn to draw. There is really not much more to say than that. Learn HUMAN, not hedgehog, especially not sonic type hedgehog, anatomy. EVERYTHING IS BASED ON HUMAN ANATOMY, SO IF YOU KNOW THAT, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

EDIT: Also, uninstall photoshop or any fancy photo manipulation or painting programs you have. You're making sprites, you don't need them. On a technical level, you should learn how to actually draw before using fancy programs to make your stuff look less sucky.
That, and Megaman battle network is a pretty simple style to work in. Did you really HAVE to edit this? They use outlines on all the forms, and there's no real texture or detail on the forms.