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A short description of myself, you say? Well, I'll start by saying that I'm only 4'11" and I weigh 100 lbs. My hair is red, I have green eyes, I wear glasses in front of said green eyes, and I'm artistic, but writing is my passion.
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October 26th, 2010
Noah Face
I love the lack of Aiden's face here, because it's so much more expressive and fitting to this scene. I'd fave this page if I could.
I just need to address how the art on this page is different from that of prevous pages, and it's delightful. :3
I love how Luther speaks in caps for unecessary dramatic emphasis. He's my favorite out of all these crazy kids.
The last panel makes my day brighter every time I reread this. :3
Now wait just a minute...!
Giant Feraligatr Guy's on the cover of chapter one, and looks suspiciously feminine. I just went to reread the beginning and noticed.
They defriended him? Wow, that's harsh. They must take Sailor Moon very seriously. :I

The alternate panels made my day.
I love the new layout, but it's insanely candy-colored on my monitor and it rapes my eyes a little bit. But it's okay because I love it. <3

It's great to see you updating again, too! I missed this while it was away.
I just noticed that Skye and Ruby look very much alike. Coicidence, no?!

I thought I was the only one who wanted to bludgeon a Ratatata-thingy to death with another, much cuter, Pokemon.

I just discovered Mokepon today, and so far I love it. I've laughed so hard I've cried. Rock on!
"Nirvana Needs You"? For what, I wonder? I'd love to see what that poster's all about.

Rock on, by the way. :3
WTF does "beep" mean? The anticipation is killing me!
What a waste of perfectly good revenge.

I mean, seriously, Aiden has a decent motive to wanna fuck over Clover, and he wastes it by sending Monday to rehab? What a bitch.

I feel bad because I love Monday and Clover, but I like this Aiden guy. He's a jerk an' all but he's oh so pretty I'm willing to overlook his jerky-jerkness.

Lol twat. 8D

I love that artwork and the shading on this page. It makes me happy inside. :D
"I might catch virginity."

Pfft. Brilliant.

And panals 2 and 3 are full of win.
Keith knows exactly what Ann is talking about; he's just too embarassed to admit that what he saw wasa porno.

"loaded meat gun." XD
He takes cluelessness to a whole new extreme. 8D

Love your work!
Damashii opened his eyes! D8

Again! *shot*
I love this page! It makes me glee. 8D
I love when I've been reading a comic long enough to see the artist's style evolve with the storyline, so this is a great treat for me. 8D