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Dark Chao Overlord
Hi :3
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Oh my god yes.
Its back! Rejoice.
I like panel 5. A lot. In the date rape kind of way.
Very sexy.
I go here for my info...
The triangular part needs to be moved upward, and the skin needs to be, more brown than grey, and the majors are red with the minors being orange. They also have feet kinda like a rhino. And the gunner(also known as a heavy)needs a darker green. But all in all good.
Work in progress, gonna make some more poses, that kinda shit. C+C & junk.
Energy sword needs to be a tad bit longer. Other than that excellent work.
Reach. It will blow away the competition. Forever. Lol.
Side fin. It is an Unown part.
Maybe its like the U.S. owning Alaska.
Command away.
Kittyz and Bresong basically said this one. Command away.
Comment away.
Damn those restraining orders, put in your next command.
Art update for our hero. Command away.
I have a feeling that the good twin is the bad one.
And an update happens. Command away.