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This is a test
Ia! Ia!
Cthulhu Fthagn!
Ph'nglui mglw' nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah 'nagl fthagn!
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Ruthie and Janey are definitely my favorites, though I would like a picture of Ruthie and Sasha kissing more...
I approve.
Of course this has to be the latest page. I seem to find the worst time to read an amazing comic.
I'm overrun every year, but they don't smell.
I find them adorable, actually.
Wow, I didn't know anyone else listened to The Hush Sound...
Wait until Pooky turns out to be a male with a lax nature.

Ohhh boy, the shit's about to hit the whirling device.
Is that guy wearing a Buckaroo Banzi shirt?
Sadly, its all ice now. I tried to play in it and now have a gash in my leg.
Wow, I'll admit I didn't see this coming. Patch looks so cute~
This is a test
January 6th, 2011
Growlithe and Bayonette, I think.
Did I just find a Middleman reference? :D
hur hur hur.
the vulpix could be flare or jasmine, the marill could be brooke or sylvia, the togepi sunny or armando, the swinub hector or wilber, and the chikorita could hibiscus or thyme. wow, am i wierd or what? /p
yay, good news. i've received so much bad news lately...
after the Mesopotamian dragon goddes of the sea? i dunno, i'm horrible with names.

Or you could go with Melody. i always liked that name for a dragon-type...
good page?
and puddles, he's your future teammate! for shame for not knowing him! for shame!
snorlax with a stomach-ache?
pecha! and, btw, i love the neopets reference