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(2015: Woah this is old)
Its cold...
and Slot didn't even do anything. Luckily enough. /facepalms
/// v \\\
Guess I'll go next when I get back from school... (UNLESS SOMEONE BEATS ME TO IT, THEN ITS COOL.)
Nooz! Dx Dun Shoot yourself!!</3
It'd Didn't Die..
It was Murdered. How I know?

Cause it Was Me! *drama*


I'm Sorry.
March 9th, 2009
She stole it, shook it but instead of being #1 she expected, she gets #6 XD

Oh boy;;; He shouldn't be so sexist O__O; Chicks in Kitchen has Knives D: Run Fool Ruun~;; XD
Nothing like a Mom's encouragement D:
Oh god XD;; Each panel bubble.. makes it so epic;; and dramatic XD &#9829;
With a girl charging at me with that face I'd RUN not THINK <A<;; Zombies Moose are lease of your problems now!
I love Thanatos even more now lol~ Weird XD
The agony of getting fat is also sad for demons I guess XD
Its called Heaven Boy XD er;; wait I mean your Rescuer;
Lol;; Looks Interesting :] ♥ Poor Sato D: Get faced by a Toaster than a Car;
LOL' He just noticed? XD
LOL; What a horrible way to die @__@~;; Nooooz;
The last panel with Charmander and Attius is so adorable XD

Lol they're so clueless D:
LOL his smile is so funny yet scary :'D Good bye SOS~
LOL;;; Forgotten the pokemon name already? XD Oh silly Atticus~&#9829;
The color killed me XD Oh god the combination of the art style and color~;;

Like how you made the action move throwing the pokeball
November 26th, 2008
Dirty or getting ready to make a run for it XD!;; Omgawd like runz for your life!;