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Sylveon Boy
I love games, a lot. I roleplay with friends. Love Pokémon. Favorite Pokémon (and Eevee-lution) is Sylveon (no duh). 2nd favorite is Greninja/Pikachu. Sometimes writes long comments. ?
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    Robert Inman
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Good Job.
Scull is such a charmer. I wish I could be like him. But sometimes, dreams are too far from you :')
At least she's not in the bath anymore, cuz then she would just drown. Well, if Silvia doesn't do anything, which is pretty unlikely. (Why am I making this such a big deal? No idea!)
I love Vaporeon's character and how she acts. She's just so funny to me, being all "I have a plan to ruin people's lives". It's perfect for a story like this.
Did he take note of what Brian did?
It's OK.
@Icebird610: hey. At least you aren't alone in this world. Definetly not.
Hold on just a second.
Why does the first picture of Eevee remind me of a face similar to Invader Zim? Does anyone else see this or am I just blind.
Generation 8
She's stocking up on Eevees before Gen 8 so that she will be safe if they remove anything from the eeveelutions, or if they add one, she'll be ready for when the new eeveelution comes out.
I was able to read this from page one to now in one day. I absolutely love this comic, I relate to so many characters in this, one mainly being funny version of Dusk. Keep up the great work!