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Eldritch Hat
Hello, my name is Kara, I'm a non-binary trans girl (she/her and they/them) that loves horror as a genre. I write short stories and draw monsters, and I thought it would be an interesting exercise to combine these two passions. I'm inspired by the work of artists like Edward Gorey, Hieronymus Bosch, and Junji Ito. I take a lot of cues from surrealism and expressionism in my pieces, and I sincerely hope you enjoy them.
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*Note 1: Sister's Letter
The creased piece of paper is yellowed, whoever wrote on it had precisely manicured cursive.

Dear Phillipa,

I trust that you are doing well with the family, keeping everything back at the old house from going to hell? When I received your last correspondence, it would be an understatement if I just described my feelings as elated. You never truly know how much you end up missing your family while off pursuing a higher education, and just seeing your familiar penmanship brought a tear to my eye that smeared the ink. Good Lord! You know I felt guilty when I left you and young Brenda to butt heads with father and Hastur on your own, but I never thought their ridiculous games would escalate to such a degree! They should know that pagan rites are not exactly conducive to Brenda's health. Thank you for telling me about it, soon the semester will be over and I will have no more excuses to neglect my sisterly duty. Anyhow, Eliza is doing well and she is touched that you asked after her. She is still curious as to why we refer to our mother by her first (and only) name, but I tell her that the reason is so inane that I forgot. We went to see a movie last weekend, Indiana Jones, and I think that we both really enjoyed the experience. Of course, I did not pay much mind to the plot, and thank my lucky stars that there was no one around to pin me to our family. She kissed me! The absolutely insane woman could have ruined us both if we were caught, but I was not so concerned that I would not return for seconds. Burn this letter, by the way, you know that we can't chance father getting a hold of it. College really is a whole other world, and I look forward to you realizing this same opportunity to discover yourself. I enclosed a few small candy bars with my letter for you and Brenda to share, since our parents are so adverse to you two having any fun.

Forever yours,
Felicia Brahms.
@Mushroom Flabs: You're not wrong.