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I'm just a normal portuguese girl trying to upload some comic pages :)
i have so much time now it's actually scary!!!!!!!! i will put it to good use and do lots and lots of things! like actually be alive and don't make anni worry (i'm sorry anni!) ok ok, that's it for me, keep reading you guys!!!
aaah i'm sorry i'm so late with this, lots of work and stuff you know it and damn we still don't have a banner i feel bad about that! ok when i get home tonight i'll get that done! i hope you have been working on your comics miss anni! i want to know what you are up toooo!!!
This toked me way longer then I expected >.< and it's hard to read what they're saying... so I'll have to work on that.
I'll add two more pages tomorrow!
twelveOtwelve: oh, no no! It's suppose to be like... bad vibes or something like that! Lool, not hair!! She has really really short hair! xD
Thanks :)
Your avatar is awesome!
I just wanted to say thanks to the lovely people who have fav this comic :)
Thank you <3
So... I'm really sorry for the lack of update! >.<
I'll upload lots of new fresh yummy pages this week so be prepared!
Hello! :)
Thanks for the feed back!
I'm trying to change the font but so far I haven't fond "the one".
I'm very happy you like the style, I really really hope you will like the comic! I'll be a more active user from now on!

And I'm really sorry for the late reply, I just got back from my summer vacations :)
And so the story begins.
Marie is a very nice girl, I hope you'll all like her :)
What do you think about this font? Initially I wanted to use only my handwriting but that was a lot more difficult than I thought...
Wow, you're style is absolutely amazing!
I'm really loving the story, I can't wait for the next page ^^
It looks quite lovely <3
This is so so funny! Skye's face is absolutely hilarious xD
Lovely comic <3
So, hmm, this is one of the main characters!
I'll upload her profile soon :)