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I have a different prediction than what I've been hearing a lot of.

Alexander's a bit of a douche, but not so much of one that he was just mooching off of Patrick for money and sex; the money thing was convenient, but he's not going to outright leave him because of this change. Not immediately, anyway.

Alexander will stay with Patrick at first, but now without financial assistance from his wealthy folks, at least one of them is going to need to get a job. Patrick, out of his element now, isn't going to pull his weight, now that he's flying truly solo. He won't put in the effort looking for work, Alexander will get fed up with it and then leave him, and Patrick will realize he has some growing up to do.
Is that first dialogue bubble in Panel 3 attached to the wrong bunch? It looks like Karen is supposed to be saying it, not Melanie.
Patrick's always been a judgmental asshole.

No matter how much respect you have for a loved on making their own adult decisions at the risk of suffering the adult consequences, Mel's still his baby sister, there's an undeniable protective quality under the surface, and that's an innate bond that you can't just logic away. Emotions, whether expressed or not, are still there.

Patrick's not being hypocritical in the slightest; how many times did he voice his disgust for Melanie's relationship with Devon? The only difference was the fact that he was more or less only acquainted with one side of that relationship, only hearing Mel's side of things. In an attempt for the respect and love of his sister, he would try and give her the benefit of the doubt.

But in this instance, he's close to both people in the relationship, knows both of their histories with relationships, and doesn't like the outcome, and he's making the call.

He and Andy are old friends, so Andy dating Mel is really worse than Devon dating Mel. Devon's an asshole, and him treating Mel abusively is to be expected. Andy sleeping with Mel, Andy with a long string of one-night stands and Mel with a history of making herself vulnerable and rationalizing her situation, is more like a betrayal. Like Andy's taking advantage of the situation.

I sympathize more with Patrick here. Sleeping with Melanie was a pretty fucking stupid move on Andy's part.
Typo here, Gibson. "...but the people who weren't didn't exist exceot for background."
I dare say you may be reading into panel 9 a bit too much, JD. I think if it was intended to look like a strained smile, it would be made more evident. Nothing in particular stands out to me in the last panel. It's a simple matter of Melanie falling back into her same old self-destructive-insecurities-masked-by-cheery-optimism pattern. I doubt it's intended to be more complicated that that; that's painful enough to watch as it is. Peter's overarching monologue suggests nothing changes in her behavior. "She always made bad choices."
That damn circular logic drives me up the wall.

"I need you by my side all the time because they hate me so much!"

"Why do they hate you so much?"

"Because I want you by my side all the time!"

"Why do you want me by your side all the time?"

"Because they hate me so much!"


Also, Christo is extremely eloquent for somebody who I'm assuming speaks English as a second language.
She's gonna stay with him. That's the tragedy of foreshadowing as this comic has, with the reminiscing monologue. "She made bad choices." She still thinks there's something to love in him, and I have a good feeling this isn't the first time this has happened.
Something about the silhouette and the coloring makes me think instead of a dance scene. Like this page should be coupled with "Stayin' Alive." That's the vibe I get, from the style anyway. Maybe it has something to do with including their full bodies in the silhouette. If it was the upper half, I thought you'd be able to focus on the violence that's happening. The full bodies I guess I would say is distracting. Showing too much to say something very simple.

Or not. It'll grow on me quickly. But that was my first impression.

Excellent work as always, regardless.
This page and the last few have made this apartment look so nook-and-cranny cozy.
Seeing One Inch Punch up there in their black suits and skinny ties makes me so damn happy. You have a way with making us nostalgic for these characters, Herr Twist. Bravo.
On the other side of things, despite Patrick's harsh berating of Andy sometimes, it's nice to still see him display his friendship for him by offering him a place to crash. It's small, but it really stands out.
Peter under the same roof as Smiling Andy and the Spanish Fly? I see trouble brewing already...
This page is so goddamn sexy I just want to make love to it.
Love the already-growing relationship between Peter and Patrick.
Did you say this is all being told from the perspective of Peter in Book Four?
I want to speculate that Peter decides on an English major over the course of time, because his wistful nostalgic vocabulary does not sound like the kind of inner monologue one would expect from comes a dense brawling farmboy.
My apologies, but I'm nitpicking some fact checks. Narration here says when Peter met him Patrick was a Philosophy major, and the next year was Psychology. Patrick introduces himself as a Psychology major in A Step Out of the Wilderness.

[insert shrug embarrassed at nagging author of brilliant dialogue and monologue here]
On the update note, damn, you changed the dialogue in the last panel. I'd enjoyed the lunchbox remark.
Shit, Gibson, the new text for "asshole" is fucking brutal. Excellent. I thought that was blood spatter at first.