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Art school student from Finland :D
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:D Wow! I really like how the pirates look! They're very expressive! The comic has so much friendly looking, pretty people that these made me react like wham and whoa and cool!
May 24th, 2012
uijui, kun on sievä sivu! scott<3
@MSD-Dutch: So I thought! And it's cool! It just surprised me totally. I'm from Finland myself :D
Doctor speaks Finnish? :O
They are so cute! >v<
Jet is too cute to be a bad guy :<
I have read Honeydew Syndrome zillion times, and was about to read it again this summer, but the website isn't working and pictures here are broken. This is so sad ;o;
Ohh! I've heard of it! My art school teacher visited your school last summer :)
Giuyh, hotness!! And their faces in panel 4! >_<
Umm, what school are you in? I'm curious :>
April 1st, 2011
Lol, didn't expect that :'DD
April 1st, 2011
Loving this already :)
However if I (awesome-)kicked the lock off a chest like that the next second I'd be like: "AAaaAAH my boots, my beautiful BOOOTS! Hope They didn't SCRATCHHH! UHUuu.."
Though I doubt she'd care and it looks like she kicked with the heel.
Love the way you draw!
Aww, cute!>v< I like the warm colours, they make really nice atmosphere to this part of the story.
asdghhghhnnhghunfKLAUSSS! And Mitch is so cute little dummy! ;o;
Sorry i'll just go sleep now...
Afgl, so cute!! 'A' Gotta add to favourites!
Wow, he's tall! :o
Ohh! It's the conductor! <3
Ooh! Didn't expect that! :o
February 2nd, 2011
Herzchen in the third panel! I wanna squeeze him so bad >_<