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@ToyDiamond: Well it IS a cameo. ;)
Yaaii this is getting so exciting :D
@Huntik13: That's very true :)
Finally reached Chapter 3! :)
Sorry for the long wait. I'm hoping for colder weather. :D'
@Mia Alien: Thank you! :) I will. Already have half a page done. I'm just suffering too much from the heat here in Germany right now.
@Huntik13: Exactly :D
Sorry for the long wait! I'll try to update for frequently again! :-)
Also thanks for the recent comments. <3
Yaiii it continues :D
The following pages are OLD, don't be surprised about the different quality!
@Hellermerc: Hey! :) Thanks! Saw your comic on the page, it's really cool! :D Sure, I'll write you a mail.
@2099Forever: That's cool! :) He could definitely put down a link to here. (I think that's better than a PDF or something.)
@2099Forever: Haha really? That's cool to hear. :D
Sorry for the long wait!
I finally have internet at my new home. ;_;
@Huntik13: Hehe yeah :D
@seb: Thank you! :)
@Hellermerc: no, I suck at landscapes. So I manipulated a photo.
@Huntik13: Hehe yeah, 9 years since I last updated xD Thank you! <3
Glad someone from back then is still reading :D
@aeonmatty: Thank you!
I hope to update soon (I'm moving out atm)