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@Huntik13: Exactly :D
Sorry for the long wait! I'll try to update for frequently again! :-)
Also thanks for the recent comments. <3
Yaiii it continues :D
The following pages are OLD, don't be surprised about the different quality!
@Hellermerc: Hey! :) Thanks! Saw your comic on the page, it's really cool! :D Sure, I'll write you a mail.
@2099Forever: That's cool! :) He could definitely put down a link to here. (I think that's better than a PDF or something.)
@2099Forever: Haha really? That's cool to hear. :D
Sorry for the long wait!
I finally have internet at my new home. ;_;
@Huntik13: Hehe yeah :D
@seb: Thank you! :)
@Hellermerc: no, I suck at landscapes. So I manipulated a photo.
@Huntik13: Hehe yeah, 9 years since I last updated xD Thank you! <3
Glad someone from back then is still reading :D
@aeonmatty: Thank you!
I hope to update soon (I'm moving out atm)
JSRR is back!
I'm thinking about continuing this comic :3
Anyone still here? xD
@bluswordgrl: Hmm... you're right...that doesn't make sense... xDD
I know this took very long again...
But my PC died... D:
Sorry, I know it took long.
@smeagol92055: Well is IS a Manga. ;)
The guys are just more comic-ish because I wanted them to look male and recognizable.

Most manga girls are at least a little mary sue. These here arent much of one,
even I'm aware, most readers will expect that.
But in fact, they have big disadvantages
and weaknesses. One of em cant even carry a pack.

The thing is, that comic is kind of a mix. most or all existing GB comics are
very shonen an all about the fight.
That here is definitly a little more
girlish. It's obvious. But there will ALSO be fights and stuff.
Is is adventure as well as kind of romantic themed. I know some might not like that. But well, thats how it is. : )

The looks... well would say the look
THAT special. Not for Manga girls. xD

So what is a Mary Sue to you...?
@forgotten_cake: It's true that it's more Manga style. Especially for the girls. I wanted the guys to look male and recognizable however, so they might look a little more comic style.