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I guess I should join the masses!
I'm 18, female, from Maryland (Right outside DC). I'm straight, because I really like guys, but I don't really have enough experience to know who else I like.
I have also been reading your comic since before I was 18. lolz. It is HAMAZIN.
I don't really understand why someone would unfave such a lovely comic. Even if it never updates, it just sits in the back of your list of favorites. It doesn't really harm anyone.
I love your comic. <3 And you seem to be updating more after your other lovely one finished, which is great!

Henry is so cute. x3
Wooh! I hit the nail on the head. <3
It sort of makes sense though, he felt exhausted from being dramatic, being on top would probably involve a lot more work than saying "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Hilariously lazy. xD

This picture is amazing! Omg. People who are good at copics amaze me, also, people that can afford them also amaze me. Maybe they're just really expensive where I am, but 6 dollars a marker is too much for me! D:

I love the uke pose. And the cute tongue and wonderful face and hair shading!
At this present moment, I'd guess Julian is the seme, just because Theo seems so lazy, that topping would be too much work for him. But i guess Julian does seem a little bit more uke like.
Ah. Gordon looks adorable in that picture. The 3 exclamation points add to the cuteness. xD As do the hearts.

Must get 50+ more fans. Pronz is a must. <3
Woah, that's a great picture of Batman!

I wonder if this is strictly BatmanxCommisioner or if he'll ever find out Batman's real identity. Either way, I can totally imagine some costumed kinkyness. xD
Definitely the best robin uniform ever.
And what a wonderful picture with such a nice crotch shot!
The colors and shading are amazing.
Now all he needs to add to the word bubble is something along the lines of "Holy ____, Batman!"
xD OMG. This picture is quality. QUALITY.
Of course Alfred watches soaps. What else would he do with the time that he's not serving tang?

What a lovely chapter. You have the greatest art, and the best updating schedule.
I liked the new two face origin story (fire makes way more sense than acid.) and it looked so much more revolting than two face has ever looked before. Delightful. It was great when the liquid spilled a little bit out of his face.
Woooh! Update. <3
It seems like everyone that has commented also saw the Dark Knight. So did I! B] It was awesome. I liked the way they modified 2-face's origin story.

Anywaaay. I think your art looks awesome all the time, but it does look especially great today! Cross hatching FTW. I think the third panel is the best. BATTURN. xD

Edit: Is the thought bubble in panel two coming from Tim or Bruce?
Are you still seeing the new Batman movie then? Or will you see it just to find more reasons for hate? xD
Do you just hate him because of Batman, because.. he's been in some good movies. IE NEWSIES. xD

Nothing can be more important than Tang Alfred! Don't listen to Bruce. Maybe if he sat down and had some Tang, Tim would be more receptive to his explanation.

I love how you draw Alfred.
Christian Bale is a sexy man. Your only bias should be more like, why doesn't Bruce Wayne or Batman look more like him. xD anyway, I really like the art. So pretty. <3 You draw Tim so awesomely.
Batman/Robin love is way more rewarding than portfolio work, I assure you. I think Tim has a pretty cute pose in the last panel. Very dynamic.
Bruce sure is dense about some things for such a super genius. xD
Those are some pretty amazing angsty Robin faces. And such wonderful sighs. I sense some drama/more sighs approaching! Wooh.
yay! Now that I have a Smackjeeves account, I can properly follow your comic. <3 It's so great!
Ah! What a cute face in panel 3. I love how you draw Robin. Actually, I really love this comic. I just discovered it recently, and I'm incredibly happy you've began updating again! Wooh Batman and Robin!